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Looking for a “boost”


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May 19, 2022
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Get Shredded!
Hi everyone. Thanks for the add. I’ve been lifting for about 15 years consistently. When I was younger, about 10 years ago, I ran a few test only cycles. Might have had a couple of light add-ins but it’s hard to remember. I read the forums back then, and I’m glad to see this one still active. Anyways, I let that stuff go but kept lifting over the years, rarely missing a full week.

I had bloodwork done the last two years and total test has been okay in the upper 600s to mid 700s. However bioavailable was 160 on a scale of 110-575 and free was 74 on a scale of 46-224. SHBG is 43 on a scale of 10-50. I highly doubt the high SHBG was from running those cycles because the men in my family typically have the same demeanor, energy levels, and muscle building genetics as I do. I’m thinking about running proviron alone and retesting all values about a month in. I know it’s almost always used with test, but I would at least like to try this very conservative approach first. I’m here to learn, so any input is welcome.