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Mix 1 from synaptec labs, 200mg test c,200mgs eq, 200 mgs deca,? G2g??


standing tall
Mar 4, 2012
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new england
THESE ARE ALL MY FAVORITES FOR BULKING BUT 600MGS IN ONE ML HOWS TAH EVEN POSSIBLE.LOL IS THERE EVEN ANY OIL IN IT, LOL JK. Has anyone tried this mix out yet ? any feedback? im ready to give it a whirl!! Hopefully some of you have run this. please some one let me know what you think...
hey brother, I'm not going to lie to you and say that I've tried it but these are my favorite three for bulking also. We've had good feed back so far on ALL the Mixes from Synaptec. And Yes, There is allot of gear in there, but one of my best friends just started this same mix with 50mgs of dbol and is absolutely loving it. He's a glute pinner as where I am a delt and quad pinner. He hasn't said anything to me regarding anything but how BIG he's getting. And he's already a big dude. Please let us know how you like though. Trust when I say this, if it's not selling, it wouldn't be on the site.