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most important football workout?

True that, I would do M, W, F split maybe:

Barbell Lunges
Good Mornings

Bench Press
Barbell Rows
Something for the rear delts like facepulls, reverse flies, or scarecrows with the cable machine.

Military Press

Depending on your level of fitness this is the routine I would do for football. If your a highschool kid you could benefit from SS.
Keep the weight heavy and the reps low.
Timed sprints would be a good idea as well.

Wait, I just missed something really obvious wheres your coaches? They should be helping you with all of this.
This guy has already asked this question multiple times.
stadium hops...fuck squats
specifically for a RB trying to improve speed and power

In the last thread i advised you google starting strength or some similar program. That is still and will be the advice to this question.

Go to google. Type in Starting Strength. Buy the book or at least read 3-5 articles about the program. DO THE PROGRAM.

Im not being a dick, but so far you're ignoring the advice everybody is giving you and just asking the same question in a new thread a few days later.