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new line, special sales--------20% off


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Apr 6, 2016
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IML Gear Cream!
Hi everybody,

We have just opened our USA LINE!

We are offering 20% off to all the following items and free shipping! (Shipped from )

No minimum-order requirement, we accept any size USA orders!

This sale will be for 2 weeks, it will end on Nov.23!

But one Important thing: We are only accepting bitcoin or cash in mail as payment to our USA line orders!

These are compounded and manufactured in pharmaceutical grade clean rooms and double filtered with .45uM and .22uM membranes. Created with the superior carrier oil ?Miglyol 840?! You can easily inject all of our oils with 27g needles! The thinnest gear you will experience! They are dispensed at 10.5 mL so you always get a full 10mL from each vial. Never under filled!

Test E 300?60$/vial
Test P 125?35$/vial
Tren A 100?60$/vial
Tren E 200?75$/vial
Mast P 125?55$/vial
Mast E 250 75$/vial
Deca 300 50$/vial
Npp 150 45$/vial
Sus 250 60$/vial

Pills(pressed tabs):
Anavar 20mg 60pills/bottle 55$/bottle
you can check every goods by our website: http://www.ironlion-lab.net/product-.../usa-domestic/

you can place your order by EMAIL : ironlion@keemail.me
or by our website.: www.ironlion-lab.net

our email: ironlion@keemail.me
our website: www.ironlion-lab.net