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New year Sales


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Board Rep
Apr 6, 2016
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IML Gear Cream!
Hi Everybody,
in order to welcome New year(2018) and at the same time, according to some customers' requirements,
we continue the sale for two weeks, it will end on January 15 of 2018.

1.)HGH: Puretropin(10iu/vial)

Order 1 to get 1 free

(the base line is 3kits, you can order 3kits to get 3 free kit(pay 3x200=600$ to get 3+3=6kits, you can order 4kits to get 4 free kits(pay 4x200=800$ to get 8kits, and so on )
Special Notice: if your order is below 3 kits, we offer order 2 to get 1 free (pay 400$ to get 2+1=3 kits)

2)IGF-1 lr3(1mg/vial)
Order 2 kit to get 1 free kit (pay 498x2=996 to get 3 kits IGF-1LR3)

3) IGF-1 lr3(0.1mg/vial)
Order 2 kit to get 1 free kit (pay 240x2=480 to get 3 kits IGF-1LR3)

Order 3 kit to get 1 free kit (pay 210x3=630 to get 4 kits IGF-1LR3)

5)New line
We offer 15% off the total amount(inclue the amount and shipping fee 10$)
Specials, regarding New line, we just accept bitcoin

Test E 300?60$/vial
Test P 125?35$/vial
Tren A 100?60$/vial
Tren E 200?75$/vial
Mast P 125?55$/vial
Mast E 250--75$/vial
Deca 300--50$/vial
Npp 150--45$/vial
Sus 250--60$/vial

Pills(pressed tabs):
Anavar 20mg 60pills/bottle 55$/bottle

If the amount of order is 500$ or 500$+ we offer 20% off.

E.) Contact information:

1)Email: ironlion@keemail.me

2.)Wickr: ironlionlabs

3.)Wire: ironlionlabs

4.)Website: www.ironlion-lab.net

F.)Time: It will end on January 15).

Important notice: when you place your order, if you do not complete your end of the transaction within 48hours, we will cancel the order . So don't order until you are ready on your end.