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News and current discounts in our store!

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May 11, 2015
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IML Gear Cream!

In this thread i will publish all info about running discounts and other news.

Here are our permanent discounts.

1. Independent on in which section of our store you place an order you get 5% discount for orders over 500$ (excl. shipping cost) (or 500 EURO for the EU domestic section) and 10% off + free shipping for orders over 1000$ (excl. delivery) (or 1000 EURO for the EU domestic section)!

2. If you pay with bitcoins you get 10% off in our international section and 5% off in our EU domestic section.

2. We provide 15% discount for all professional and competing athletes and for all militaries! However we will ask to provide to our mail any evidences if you claim to get this type of a discount!

3. We provide lifetime discounts (attached to the customers account in our store) for our devoted and constant customers!
All our customers can get the following lifetime discounts for all products:
5% lifetime discount for all future orders once you placed 3 orders in our store and paid for them!
10% lifetime discount for all future orders once you placed 6 orders in our store and paid for them!
15% lifetime discount for all future orders once you placed 10 orders in our store and paid for them!

4. We have a referals programm.

To participate in our affiliate program you need only to invite new customers by using your personal reference link, which you find in your account - dashboard - referals.

Send this link to your friends/colleagues, etc. After a new customer signed up he will be your referral!

For each order made by each of your referals you get a reward equal to 5% of the order total of your referal. Your reward will be transferred to your account only after your referal`s order is paid and shipped!

There is no limits here! You can invite as many referals as you want/can.
Here is an example: you invited 3 persons.
Person 1 placed an order worth 300$. Your reward would be 300 * 5% = 15$
Person 2 placed an order worth 150$. Your reward would be 7.5$
Person 3 placed an order worth 800$. Your reward would be 40$.
Your total profit for all 3 referals would be 15+7.5+40=62.5$

If these referals place same orders after say 2 weeks, you get again 62.5$ on your account!
You have not to pay for gear at all! Make our store work for you!
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1. Regarding the USA domestic warehouse: it will be restocked within a couple of days! However you can take now advantage of our international promo - place 300$ order and get 200$ bonus! It will be valid till 31 of May 2015!
2. Yesterday
we received finally new rubber caps... actually not rubber, but silicone caps. We specially order silicone caps, cause rubber caps can be influenced by oil if a vial is not used within years. As result rubber tiny particles can get off easily and get into the oil or needle causing abscesses. We use latex which does not have this shortcoming. So, we received finally new batch of caps and started today the new batch of vials with new caps which will look like here:

This will be an additional protection element.
Guys, we added to our international store equipoise 500 mg/ml, deca 500 mg/ml. Mix 6 and Test 100 oil base (ester-free). Mix 5 and oxymetholone will be unavailable till middle of June. Our supplier has no raws now. Raws from another suppliers are of law quality. We have to wait. Our source promised to make a supply in June. Our promo is still valid - place an 300$ order and get free gear on your choice worth 200$ in value.
Guys, our USA domestic warehouse is partly restocked. Lot of items are added. There will be more items within several days. You are welcome! If there are any questions, don`t hesitate the - contact us - page in our store!
Hey guys! I would like to remember about our currently running freebies promo! Place an order in our international store and get freebies! The promo is valid till 31st of May 2015! No seizures yet if you chose the regular mail! Tracking number will be provided! No signature is required from you!!! Delivery time 10-15 days depending on your location! Delivery guarantee! For the USA customers: we reship free of charge for the second time in case of seizure! Promo conditions:
1. place an order for $100 and get 35$ bonus and chose free gear for this amount!
2. place an order for $200 and get $90 bonus and chose free gear for this amount!
3. place an order for $300 and get $200 bonus and chose free gear for this amount!
No need to enter any codes, etc. Just sign up in our store , put available items into the shopping cart and proceed. Promo will be offered during the process!

Ok everyone lets remember what today is about. It is to remember every veteran that lost there life and everyone who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice. To remember them if you order today in our international store we will throw in a freebie independent on any promo offers currently running.
Also I remember that all militaries can get in all our stores lifetime 15% discount!
Thanks for your support.
Hey guys, we restocked our USA domestic warehouse! To the already available items we added
Testosterone Enanthate 300 mg/ml
Testosteron oil base 100 mg/ml
Testosterone enanthate 500 mg/ml
Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg/ml
Nandrolone Decanoate 300 mg/ml
Nandrolone Decanoate 600 mg/ml
Pharmanolt 300 mg/ml (blend of nandrolones)
Sustanone 500 mg/ml
Trenbolone acetate 100 mg/ml
Trenbolone Hexa 100 mg/ml
Trenbolone Enanthate 200 mg/ml
Blend of trenbolones (Tri-tren) 200 mg/ml
Stanozolol water suspencion 50 mg/ml
Boldenone 500 mg/ml
Blend of masterones 300 mg/ml
Primobolan 100 mg/ml

Now almost all important drugs are in stock! However there will be more soon!
Please check our store http://us.basicstero.com ! For more info please don`t hesitate to address me or Little Leg Sally!
We deliver within 2-4 days and provide delivery guarantee! All items are in original packages!

Also I remember that we have currently running our buy 300 get 200 free promo as well! It is valid only for the international section http://int.basicstero.com/

If you get 200 we'll give you 90 also. Check it out!
Hi guys! I have not visited the boared several days, I am very sorry about it! If there are any questions you can always send me questions to sales.int@basicstero.com and I will reply faster.
I just wanted to remind you that our killing promo offer is still running and will be valid till the end of June! Just place an order worth 300$ and get +200$ bonus, chose items on your choice. In fact you spend 300$ and get free gear worth 500$!
This bonus will be offered during the ordering process in our store http://int.basicstero.com/ . No need to enter any codes, etc.
Just follow the regular checkout procedure. All instructions are given on site!
Moreover, additionally to all bonuses we put into each order made in June 1 blister (50 tabs) of our new product - T3 (
Also we accept paypal! If you are the first-time customer you will not see it among the payment options in our store, but you can send me a private message here or to sales.int@basicstero.com and I provide you our paypal address to pay! Statistic shows it is more preferable payment option for customers as WU!
Hey guys! Have some news for you, finally we have our Pharmamix 5 (trenbolone base, testosterone base, stanozolol) and adrol 50 inject. Bot are available for order in our international store. Also today and tomorrow are last days of our promo - place an 300$ order and get 200$ bonus. Take advantage of it today http://int.basicstero.com/ ! Cheers.
IML Gear Cream!
Guys, August is here! At least in my place. Autumn is soon, which means it is time to stop wasting by idling around and start busting your ass in a gym!

I just spoke to my boss and we decided to share our killer promo with you throughout August! All August you will have a chance to grab free high quality gear at a price, which nobody else offer you!

Yes, we are going to put the snatch on a part of your honestly earned money, but in response you get tones of high quality lean chiseled muscles! Show yourself what you are capable of! Be strong! Be with us!

I started our promo

1. for orders over $100 you get 30$ bonus

2. foe orders over 200$ you get 90$ bonus

3. for orders over 300$ you get 200$ bonus!!!

You can place 2,3...10 orders and get 2,3...10 bonuses from one and the same account! No limits at all!!!

Just go to int.basicstero.com and sign up/sign in! You will be able to choose free gear from a drop-down list at one of the steps. No need to enter any codes. No signature is required from you upon receipt! Never had seizures yet with the delivery way we use now!
Offer is valid for our international store only!
Guys some info for you today. I mentioned earlier that we are going to use new protection check codes implemented directly into the label under our hologramm. Not all products are like this yet, but we have already started production with new labels. Here is an example, photo made on a phone camera, but nevermind.

You have to scratch hologram secure layer to see the code. Soon all vials will be produced only with these labels.

And yes, don`t forget to take advantage of our great promo offer! Buy products worth 300$ and ger 200$ as bonus! I tell you honest, we do this to increase our customer base. Pharmacom namely Basicstero as store in not known in the market yet! In this way we want to involve more customers into testing of our products. What we are hoping for is that our product sells itself! Most of customers who tried our products come back and place new orders! But there are lot of people who did not try our gear. We would like to change it. Give us a try and get you personal opinion about the products quality! You will be not disappointed, I just know this!!!
Promo offer is valid all month till the 1st September!!! Catch the opportunity! Also if you publish blood works on our testosterone and photo of vials orders in our store you get 100$ store credit in our international store!
Just sign up here
http://int.basicstero.com/index/login and place your order!
Halotestin and Injectable dbol (Pharmabol 100) are now in stock in our international store.
Guys, in the time span between the 1st and 10th of October there are holidays in the country, where our lab is located. 10 days of local holidays, our international store will not ship orders during this period. I just would like to inform you about it in advance. We will accept orders all the time, but if you order after the 28th of September they will be sent only on 11th of October! Or you can order now so that we could ship it before the 1. of October!
US domestic and EU domestic sections will work in normal mode!
Sorry for possible inconvenience!
Also don`t forget about promo offer in our international store! You can get up to 200$ bonus!
Details are here: http://int.basicstero.net/discounts/
Guys we are working! If you place your order before 28th it will be shipped before holidays. From the 1st till the 10th of October there are holidays and we won`t be able to ship items.
Our promo offer is running! Place an order and get 200$ bonus!
Also don`t forget we have a second US2 domestic warehouse running! Only test p and dbol there for te moment, but at international prices!

And finally we have launched our affiliate program. If you go to your account - Dashboard you will see a new tab - Referals!
Here is a screenshot:

You can see description on it. From now you can invite friends to our store by providing them your special personal link. After a new customer signs up and places an order you will get 5% of each order total of this customer. If you invited for example 50 customers you will get 5% from each order placed by each of this customers! Now you can buy gear and even not to pay for it at all!
So guys, 2 news:
1. Our European store is working again!
2. As I said before due to holidays in our country our international warehouse will be able to ship your orders only after 8th of October! However we accept orders now!
As excuse we decided to extend our promo offer! It will be valid all of October! Conditions are the same!

1. for orders over $100 you get 30$ bonus
2. for orders over 200$ you get 90$ bonus
3. for orders over 300$ you get 200$ bonus!!!

You can place 2,3...10 orders and get 2,3...10 bonuses from one and the same account! No limits at all!

You will be able to choose free products from a drop-down list at one of the ordering steps. No need to enter any codes. No signature is required from you upon receipt as a rule! Finally we never had seizures yet with the delivery way we use now! (with the USA at least).
Briefly some news!

1. We added pharma grade HCG into our international store! It is pharma grade chinese HCG Livzon.
2. We restocked our European domestic warehouse. Growth hormone, oxandrolone and other items are available there.
3. Very very soon we will restock our us domestic warehouse as well!
Guys additional to our promo offer we add lot of other opportunities!

1.Don`t forget about our referal program! Use your personal referal link, invite other customers and get on your account 5% of all orders they place!!! You can not pay for products at all!
Your personal referal link is available in our store www.basicstero.net under your account - dashboard - referals. All details are also there.

2. We have also a loyalty program!
Now you are able to get up to 15% lifetime discount in our store!
5% lifetime discount for all future orders once you placed 3 orders in our store and paid for them!
10% lifetime discount for all future orders once you placed 6 orders in our store and paid for them!
15% lifetime discount for all future orders once you placed 10 orders in our store and paid for them!
It is valid for all warehouses, incl. ********.

3. We provide a store credit for trusted customers who has at least a couple of orders placed! If you want to use a store credit, just contact me through the contact form in our store www.basicstero.net
We are going to allow store credits up to 300$ up to one month without any additional fees! In other words it means that you can place an order now and we ship it, but you can pay for it up to one month later!!! We charge no additional fees for this service! You only need to be our return customer!

4. Finally our promo buy 300$ - get 200$ is also running all of October for international store!

5. The last but not least! We test our products in an independent GMP certified lab and for the moment we passed all HPLC tests. Results are available on our boards and on the independent testing project www.anaboliclab.com
Our international store is working! Some of you could probably have doubts whether to place an order in an international source. BUT in fact we never had seizures yet with the way we ship now. No parcels have been seized towards the USA for all time. We had several seizures with EMS, but we dont use it now.
Moreover, if your order is seized (which wont happen) we reship for the second time free of charge! Additionally to this you get a great 200$ bonus on your choice, if your order is over 300$. Isn`t it worth it?...I would for sure give it a try!
IML Gear Cream!
I just added Pharmamix 5 and a bit HGH to our US domestic warehouse!
Mix 5 is a blend of 3 ester-free drugs:
Trenbolone Base 25 mg/ml
Testosterone Base 50 mg/ml
Stanozolol Base 25 mg/ml
It`s the best pre-workout booster you would ever try!
Just wanted to remind about our affiliate program. If you invite a new customer by using your personal reference link you get 5% of all orders placed be invited persons! reference link is seen in your personal account - dashboard - reference!
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Finally we received the printed version. It`s of A3 format. And now we are ready to put it into orders. I say in advance, it is impossible just to buy it. It`s free. But you shall meet 2 conditions.
1. we will put this calender into all international orders, which are 300$ or higher!
2. Also we put these calenders into orders of our constant customers. Everyone, who has 5 orders placed in our store can contact me and request it.

200 pieces will be given away in total for the beginning.

We have recently updated our international stock with amps of the following:

Test Enanthate
Test Propionate
Test Cypionate
Mast propionate
Inject Anadrol
Mix 1
Mix 2
Mix 3

Also our Pharmamix M300 blend (Mast P/Mast E) is now $10 cheaper, and our inject drol is $5 cheaper!
We got hennos 10 (GW1516) pills in stock in our international warehouse. Now price is cheaper, in 15-20 days we will raise it.
Also if you want to get our calenders and your order is over 300$ or you have placed more that 5 orders in our store in total, please leave a comment with the order. we will ship calenders separately.
Again, calenders will be shipped only to those who really wants them so leave a respective comment with the order.

IMPORTANT: our international store has holidays in February and we will not be able to ship your orders in February. 30st of January is the last day we ship your orders. Our warehouse also need 1-2 days to package your order, so if you want to receive your order without long pause please place it until 28th of January.

our New Year promo offer is still running until end of January. Promo confitions are the same.

for orders over $100 you will get 35$ bonus
for orders over $200 - 90$ bonus
for orders over $300 - 200$ bonus
for orders over $500 - 400$ bonus
for orders over $700 - 700$ bonus

Finally we decided to change bitcoin bonus in our international site. If you pay buy bitcoin you will get 10% of your order total, e.g. if your order is 500$ you will get 550$ to your balance.
First of all we decided to organize it as compensation of all fees if you buy bitcoins through Paypal at such sites like www.localbitcoin.com or www. prepaidbitco.in
Another thing we prepared for you. Online real-time chat directly in our site.

It is available both in the desktop and mobile version of our store www.basicstero.net
We will try to be online most of the time. However there is time differencies, etc.

If we are online you will see this chat window on site.

If we are not online you won`t see this chat.
So, no additional software is required for you. However Skype and Wickr and email will be also working.
Guys, our promo is still running. There are a few days left when you can take advantage of this promo and get free gear worth up to $700 in value.
Last shipping before holidays will be on 30rd of January.
In February our international warehouse will not be able to ship orders due to local holidays. We start deliveries in the end of February.
US Domestic and EU domestic warehouses will work in regular mode.
today is the last day when local postal service works, so all orders which are placed now will be shipped with a delay. our promo is valid until 1st of February. but due to holidays we will be able to ship all orders only roughly after 17th of February.
Its valid only for our international warehouse.
US domestic and EU domestic works as always.
After holidays we will have a crazy promo offer for 2 days. Kind of Black friday sale... so prepare yourselfves guys.
we reconsidered prices in our int. store.
sust 300 mg/ml was $56, now $45
sust 500 mg/ml was $80, now $75
tren hexa 100mg/ml was $79, now $66
dbol inject was $54, now $45
anadrol inject was $54, now $45
test e 500 mg/ml was $67, now $75
deca 600 mg/ml was $73, now $95 (it`s a reasonable price, considering, that 1 vial is enough fot at least 10 weeks or more. also price of deca 300 mg/ml is $59, deca 600 mg/ml is the same as 2xdeca 300 in volume. 59x2=$118. obviously $95 is much better as $118)
bold 500 mg/ml was $59, now $70
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