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Norma blood test results in.. Need help have some ??'s


Nov 14, 2014
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What's up guys? I'm currently in my 6th week of a cycle. I got bloods done last week. Which was 5 weeks into it and I know I'm up in the "about right" range for my total test but not 100%. Unfortunately until I get another test result back I won't be able to get a hard copy of it until I see the doc. she did called today to go over the hormone test with me. My total test was 2186 and my estrogen was 53. She also said my lh levels where low although I forgot to write down the number lol. I got bloods drawn 2.5 days after shot. Below is my current cycle.

Weeks 1-10 Norma test e at 500mg a week split into two shots
Weeks 1-10 scrioxx deca 300 a week split into two
10-14 green tpa at 500 a week
10-14 green npp at 300 a week
1-14 Arimidex. .5 every other day
1-14 Hcg 500iu a week

My main concern is if those number seem to be ok or not. Also if my estro can stay where it is and any incite on my lh being low. I'll post full bloods once I get it but I just want to know if I have to adjust anything.

I appreciate all help and advice in advanced.


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I'm actually gunna start and drop the npp a week earlier.
9-14 green npp at 300 a week

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LH stands for leutinizing hormone, its what your body uses to naturally make testosterone through the feedback loop. LH levels are always low while on cycle because your natty production has turned off. The LH doesnt matter now, but a few weeks after pct thats going to be a big indicator if your system is up and running again.

Estro at 53 is a tad high but nothing Id worry about. Personally Id rather my estro run a little high than too low. You will regret it if you go overboard and crush that estro. Everyone has a sweet spot, most guys like it just under 30, but I know quite a few older guys that actually say they feel better up around 70. Unless you start to get puffy nipples dont get too excited about a slight elevation in E2
Thanks novice... Ok that makes sense about the lh... I was thinking the same thing about the estro. I'll probably stick where I'm at for a few more weeks then switch to Aromasin at the end and run it threw pct. what do you think about the total test? Does that seem low to you? I'm kinda thinking it should be a bit higher. I'm not sure tho.

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Was wondering best place to send some oil to get tested for purity? Keep cost in mind.
Was wondering best place to send some oil to get tested for purity? Keep cost in mind.

Not sure to be honest. I see people having stuff tested every couple months but not sure on price or location. I'm sure mass specs tests are expensive. Let me know if you find anywhere good and reasonably priced.

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It was already confirmed on another board that EA sells knock off normas. The real Norma have a concave bottom but the amps he sells have a flat bottom. Also, you guys ever notice how he does not send the boxes with the amps? Its because the box is a dead give away if the amps are real. ALL REAL GREEK MEDs have a yellow sticker on the box. Under black light you should be able to see a redish-orange logo pop up in the center. If it does not pop up, the stuff is fake. I have gotten several greek meds that were fake that did not have the logo pop up. I asked EA to send boxes with them and he refused. But I did get boxes from him when he sent me a sample of his testoviron depot. THe stickers were white instead of yellow and no logo popped up. He said he got the testo from same pharmacy as Norma. So if the testo were fake then its pretty safe to say the norma are too. From speaking with several guys in Greece it appears the BUlgarians are masters at counterfeiting. They are the ones producing they great looking counterfeits. If anybody does not believe me, pm me for more proof. I will be more than happy to send you pics of the fake testoviron depot he sent me. Oh ya, the norma do contain real test....but its probably somewhere closer to 200 than 250mg based on blood work I have seen from other members. Lots of counterfeits nowdays are able to fool people because they do contain something real in them to throw people off. ALl the source has to say is THEY ARE REAL>GET BLOODWORK DONE> Well all blood work proves is that there is something real in there. It does not prove if Norma actually produced them.