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overhead DB extensions


Jan 1, 2001
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is there any benefit in doing single handed ones over 2 handed ones?

"it's tricky!"
You can't cheat by useing one arm more than the other so there better.
I agree with Scotty and also you can focus much better doing 1 arm at a time.
I think one arm DB extensions are harder and a little more difficult to keep good form with so I would stick to 2 handed and focus on good form.

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well maybe they are a little harder for some people but have you ever noticed that the harder an exercise is the more effective it is.
I have to agree to Large And In Charge. Usually if if find that keeping the form is tough, i back off a little on the weight, but make sure that i keep strict form. I feel like i get a lot better burn and results from doing that.
Switch it up so two handed one week and the next do one. Keep it fresh and you wont get bored and your muscle wont either.