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Pharmacom labs news - all around pharmacom labs and bodybuilding

IML Gear Cream!
Dear customers,

Basicstero would like to inform you that from September 27 to October 8, there will be extended holidays in Asia.
Therefore, the International Warehouse (W1) will not be able to process any shipments during this period.

Kindly be patient and thank you for your understanding!
Hi everyone, Basicstero has improved the website and added the "notifications" option. Now every customer will receive important site news directly in their dashboard!
Dear customers,
We would like to inform you that orders from the International warehouse with the status "shipped" on October 11 were unfortunately shipped with a delay in delivery time.
You should not worry, your tracking numbers will be updated shortly!
We have credited a bonus of $50 to all customers whose orders were delayed.
We sincerely apologize for the delay and inconvenience caused.
DROLOS (MethylDrostanolone aka Superdrol) is an anabolic steroid that is an oral version of the well-known Drostanolone (Masteron).

The product does not aromatize and does not have progestagenic activity.
This product does not cause gynecomastia and does not cause water retention.
The effect is comparable to a greatly enhanced and significantly more powerful version of injectable masteron with side effects closer to other very strong orals such as halotestin.

MethylDrostanolone is effective for quality weight gain and/or fat percentage reduction, and confidently lowers SHBG!

Anabolic activity = 400.
Androgenic activity = 20.
Working dosage is 20 - 40mg per day, for up to 4 weeks.

With the powerful addition of Drolos, Pharmaсom Labs has another promising product in its product line which is useful for both beginners and more advanced athletes.
TESOS (Tesofensine) is a product developed for the treatment of obesity.

It acts as an appetite suppressant.
Increases energy expenditure at rest.
It has a slight antidepressant effect.
Increases fat oxidation.
Improves insulin sensitivity.
Increases glucose metabolism.

In total, this allows for more comfortable weight loss while successfully maintaining a caloric deficit.

It is not an anabolic steroid; as such PCT is not needed after use and there is no classic HPTA setback.
The product does not cause water retention, nor cause acne, nor affect the prostate.
The effect on the liver is insignificant and does not require monitoring.

Tesofensine is a more modern analog of sibutramine and is already available in the Basicstero store!
Ester-Free Testosterone (pure testosterone in its own right without the addition of any slow-release ester) differs from version with esters in its unique properties.
  1. First of all, the preparation is very quickly put to work.
    A noticeable effect is already felt 30-minutes after the injection; and, it reaches its maximum level after an hour.
    Due to this, base testosterone is often used as a pre-workout!
  2. The second difference is that 100mg of the product contains exactly 100mg of testosterone - the active ingredient.
    For example, 100mg of testosterone propionate contains 83.7mg of testosterone, the remaining 16.3mg is the mass of ester (propionate); likewise, testosterone enanthate contains 72mg of testosterone per 100mg, the rest is ester mass. But the mass of ester-free base is all active testosterone.
  3. Due to the absence of an ester, this product is quickly absorbed, gives a powerful surge of testosterone levels (3-4 times stronger than Test-propionate) and is also quickly excreted - after 16-20 hours its effect decreases significantly.
  4. The powerful and short testosterone surge gives an emotional boost and accelerated recovery, while the product does not have time to convert significantly into estradiol and dihydrotestosterone. As a result, estrogenic and androgenic side effects are less frequently encountered than with the same amount of test-propionate, and aromatase inhibitors are usually not required.
  5. The product can be used: as a pre-workout, as a preparation for competitions, as a basis for a bulking cycle, as a supplement for a mass-building cycle, as a preparation for increasing explosive endurance and aggression.

Pharmacom Labs currently offers two types of ester-free testosterone: the well-known suspension in water (PharmaTest 100) and unique ester-free testosterone base in oil (PharmaTest OIL 100); the latter of which can be mixed with any other oil-based AAS.
Both are available in vials or ampules!

• PharmaTest 100 (water suspension) available in vials at:
and in ampules at:

• PharmaTest OIL 100 (oil base) available in vials at:
and in ampules at:

But Pharmacom has gone further and also released an esterless trenbolone suspension in water (PharmaTren 50), which has all the properties of trenbolone + it's esterless, with all the benefits described above!

• PharmaTren 50 (water suspension) is available now at:

If you didn't know what ester-free is and therefore haven't tried ester-free testosterone or trenbolone, now you do.
All that's left now is to try it!