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Please tell me us Albertans


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Jul 15, 2001
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are the only ones that might be getting a little too involved in television programs. A radio station here is having a contrest to host a party this coming Thursday night for the last "Friends" episode. People are supposed to write in and explain why they should be the ones to get the party. One lady this morning wrote in and said she actually had to get a therapist to talk about her depression after Friends goes off the air. :wtf:

Sure, I enjoyed the show. But I can't say that I'll be sad, or miss the characters because they were a part of my life. It's only a show for pete's sake!. People are writing in saying that Friday will be a say day for them. I think these people really need to get a live. If the ending of a television show can create so much sadness, you really need to turn the tv off ... get your family or friends ... and do something.

Just thought I'd vent a little ... it's a crazy world out there.