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Proviron or Masteron with Trenbolone (The benefits)


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Aug 20, 2013
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www.PuritySourceLabs.ru Proviron
(A must have in your arsenal)
PSL Proviron Review

All about Mesterolone


PROVIRON 25 - 25mg/tab EP
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PROVIRON 25 - 25mg/tab EP

Chemical Name: Mesterolone
Comes In: 25mg tab
Dosage: 25-100mg/day
Active time: 6-8 hours
Class:Androgenic Steroid/Anti-Aromatizatin

So, the discussion has came about many times over in regards to depression, insomnia, aggression, anxiety or other sides when on cycle/blast when utilizing Trenbolone..
Let's discuses Trenbolone and one compound that can help assist with side effects that can be unbearable for most,
especially anxiety while using Trenbolone..

Please allow me to illustrate one of the most shrouded and rarely discussed drugs in the whole anabolic circuit,
one of the most underrated effects ever, that somehow has failed to be discussed upon the masses, or misunderstood at best. Proviron.

Proviron 25mg Mesterolone

Most of you that have ever took the breakfast of champions "Methandrostenolone",
That's right, I'm talking about Dbol.
What's the most apparent and conspicuous effects that takes place while taking Dbol?
If you were about to say the "sense of well-being" than your correct.

One of the most profound and desirable effects that we can have during a cycle..
Now, how about after a cycle like during PCT, Or for longer cycle/blast duration's when we feel fatigued?

One of the greatest characteristics about Proviron is it's "Antidepressant" properties.
With this being said, when it was first developed it was widely utilized in treatments for Bi-polar, OCD and Anxiety.
As we know that depression is basically a chemical imbalance that comes about through the "Signaling" between receptors.
Proviron improves the quality of the "channels" that the cells use to communicate and interact, chitter chatter so to speak.
Thus, a similar effect with Dbol where it drastically improves the sense of well being in users.

Much like Antidepressants, SSRI (Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, and/or, SNRI (Serotonin-nor-epinephrinere-uptake inhibitor)
What I'm about to share is a double blind study that clearly shows undoubtedly astonishing results in the patients!
An other great reason to consider this compound.
Why Proviron is underestimated, the world may never know..

Trenbolone is the compound that's well known for having a love-hate relationship with most users. Most will deem it a necessary evil.
Yet, in fact it doesn't have to be classified as evil after all.
Here we will introduce some clinical studies that have been conducted with a compound most commonly known as Proviron-trade name (Mesterolone).
This agent possesses some amazing characteristics with Antidepressant properties, as well Anti-anxiety.

It works by also metabolizing and being recognized through the endocrine as (other) a neurosteroid, effectively functioning as a so-called
proneurosteroid (testosterone is also recognized as one)..
These steroids synthesized in the brain much like a Nootropic (Proviron especially) and have effects on brains function..
In addition to their actions on neuronal membrane receptors improving the quality of the channels that cells use to communicate and interact.

Proviron / Masteron (Masteron can be utilized due to it's targeting similarities)
Proviron (mesterolone) will exert inhibitory actions on neurotransmission, acting as potent positive allosteric modulator of the GABA receptor,
this is crucial concerning Treninsomnia as healthy function levels of GABA will produce a stable sleep state/environment for rest
and displays in no particular order; antidepressant, stress-reducing, feeling warm/fuzzy/rewarding, pro-social, anti-aggressive (huge consider tren sides),
pro-sexual, sedative/pro-sleep, cognitive-memory improvement..

The list literally goes on!

Where does this apply with Tren?
It can assist all the way around with individuals who are sensitive or not with trenbolone.
From the social aspect, overwhelming sense of anxiety, lack of sleep, basically everything stated above that may apply with the usage of trenbolone and the onset of its unwanted side..

In addition to this information an individual can also utilized masteron (Drostanolone) in conjunction with Proviron (substituting one for the other),

running both concurrently may yield a great synergetic effect, each compound will compliment one an other.
Further more Proviron is a DHT derivative. DHT compounds assist with hardening of the physique, lack of water retention, increased sex drive..
Hardening of the physique and lack of water retention go hand in hand. Proviron assists with this, the body recognizes proviron as a DHT,
This causes a direct hardening affect on the muscle tissue much like Masteron (Drostanolone) displays..

The increase in muscle dryness/density comes from a reduction in free/circulating estrogen levels, because proviron has the ability to 'latch-on' to the estrogen binding enzymes,
It competes so to speak for its position, it does this aggressively..
Thus, decreasing water retention. Also the the lack of aromatization and the fact that the drug is prototypical androgen, causes a significant shift in the body’s estrogen/testosterone ratio.
Provirons atomic structure it is incapable of forming estrogen. It also has properties with AR's..
Increasing the AR expression, proviron/DHT uptake to further increase AR expression, repeating this process over and over...

This allows other AAS compounds to appear to be amplified with there effects, assisting the compounds -

"What does this mean"?

Proviron can be a master key so to speak, having multiple functions - It binds aggressively to the AR's and SHBG, thus it can/may increase the activity of other AAS..

Functions concerning the neurotransmitter/receptor and how it works:
Below is a image illustrating the neurotransmitter/receptor and how it functions,
also I will include some real actual studies conducted with
proven results expressing the benefits of this compound proviron
Keep in mind that these doses may seem extreme, its been proven time and time again that such significant
dosages are not needed to yield the effect. It's also been shown that proviron is not liver toxic and can be used at high dosages and at times for long durations, individually depending.
Merely a daily intake of 50-100 will suffice for almost anyone..
Furthermore, Proviron do NOT cause any liver stress, EVER!

Database: PsycINFO
[ Journal Article ]
A comparison of the antidepressant effects of a synthetic androgen (mesterolone) and amitriptyline in depressed men.
Vogel, William; Klaiber, Edward L.; Broverman, Donald M.
Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Vol 46(1), Jan 1985, 6-8.


26 depressed male outpatients were randomly assigned to 14 weeks of treatment with either mesterolone or amitriptyline in a double-blind parallel treatment design. Ss completed the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression and a symptom checklist each week. Findings reveal that the drugs were equally effective in reducing depressive symptoms. Mesterolone produced significantly fewer adverse side effects than amitriptyline and did not produce hypomania or tachycardia, recognized side effects of amitriptyline. (10 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2013 APA, all rights reserved)
Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol. 1984 Jun;6(6):331-7.
The effects of mesterolone, a male sex hormone in depressed patients (a double blind controlled study).
Itil TM, Michael ST, Shapiro DM, Itil KZ.

Based on computer EEG (CEEG) profiles, in high doses, antidepressant properties of mesterolone, a synthetic androgen, were predicted. In a double-blind placebo controlled study, the clinical effects of 300-450 mg daily mesterolone were investigated in 52 relatively young (age range 26-53 years, mean 42.7 years) male depressed outpatients. During 6 weeks of mesterolone treatment, there was a significant improvement of depressive symptomatology. However, since an improvement was also established during the placebo treatment, no statistically appreciable difference in the therapeutic effects of mesterolone was established compared to placebo. Mesterolone treatment significantly decreased both plasma testosterone and protein bound testosterone levels. Patients with high testosterone levels prior to treatment seem to have had more benefit from mesterolone treatment than patients with low testosterone levels. The degree of improvement weakly correlated to the decrease of testosterone levels during mesterolone treatment.

Information confirming no HTPA shutdown/suppression during PCT

These are some research articles that may justify the use of low/moderate dose Proviron during PCT:

AAKVAAG, A., and S. B. STROMME. "The effect of mesterolone administration to normal men on the pituitary-testicular function."Acta endocrinologica 77.2 (1974): 380-386.

Mesterolone (1α-methyl-5α-dihydrotestosterone) has been given to 10 normal men, age 24–27 years, and the effect on the plasma levels of ICSH, FSH and testosterone has been studied. No effect on the plasma levels of ICSH and FSH could be detected. After 4 weeks on 75 mg mesterolone per day a significant (P < 0.01) drop in the mean value for plasma testosterone level was observed, 5.2 to 4.0 ng/ml. After another 4 weeks on 150 mg mesterolone per day a further decrease to 3.5 ng/ml was found. During mesterolone administration the protein binding of testosterone in plasma was significantly reduced, and it appeared that the level of free (non-protein bound) testosterone in diluted plasma remained unchanged, 0.37 and 0.41 ng/ml, before and after mesterolone administration respectively. The results suggest that mesterolone given in doses of 75 and 150 mg/day to normal men does not suppress the pituitary ICSH production or the testicular testosterone production

GORDON, R.D., THOMAS, M.J., POYNTING, J.M. and STOCKS, A.E. (1975), Effect of Mesterolone on Plasma L.H., F.S.H. and Testosterone. Andrologia, 7: 287–296. doi: 10.1111/j.1439-0272.1975.tb00942.x

It has been claimed that orally administered mesterolone, unlike l7a-methyl testosterone, does not suppress endogenous gonadotrophins and testosterones. To investigate this, both drugs were administered, in turn, to four normal men and plasma testosterone, L.H. and F.S.H. were measured serially. Mesterolone administration was associated in all four subjects with significant and similar falls in plasma testosterone, but significant suppression of gonadotrophins took place in only two of them. Any changes which occurred were apparent by the end of the first week of therapy. Administration of half the dose of 17a-methyl testosterone to the same four subjects caused significant suppression of testosterone in each and suppression of one or both gonadotrophins in each.
In longer term studies in patients (5-30 months) involving serial measurements at intervals of one to two months, there was evidence of significant suppression of L.H. and F.S.H. by 17a-methyl testosterone, but not by mesterolone, which was clinically a less effective androgen.

WANG, C., BURGER, H.G., de KRETSER, D.M., DULMANIS, A., HUDSON, B., KEOGH, E.J. and SUTHERS, M.B. (1974), Effect of Mesterolone on Serum FSH, LH and Plasma Testosterone in Normal Men. Andrologia, 6: 111–117. doi: 10.1111/j.1439-0272.1974.tb01604.x

To determine whether the claim that mesterolone, an orally active androgen, does not cause suppression of gonadotrophin secretion, two groups of five normal men were treated with 100 and 200 mg. daily respectively for 7 days. Serial measurements of serum FSH, LH and plasma testosterone were made on samples taken at 15 minute intervals over 2 hr both before and during treatment. Modest falls in FSH, LH and testosterone levels were observed in both groups, the percentage suppression being 21% and 18% for FSH, 19% and 15% for LH and 9% and 8% for testosterone at the lower and higher dosage levels respectively.

200mg is a far greater dose than I would deploy during PCT (50mgs is sufficient). From these studies and other articles we've seen that it's clear that there is almost minimal to no influence on the HTPA, any effect would be absolute minimal and negated by other appropriate compounds used during that period (HCG, Aromasin, Nolvadex and HGH). We can safe with confidence that proviron has Zero suppression
Additional info to support the statement (zero suppression).

Proviron will NOT suppress LH or FSH and will even provide your body with more free testosterone due to the fact that it binds "AGGRESSIVELY" to SHBG (lowering levels).
With this said, your total test probably may not increase much, however that's not what's important, your Free-T is the ticket..
Your FREE T could INCREASE 5-10 times greater as it's freed from bound test ultimately allowing test to act in its original course of action, in stead of being bound and held up.

Last but not least, here's some more information that can provide you with achieving an environment that will assist with more FREE-T..

"Proviron with Winstrol"

Here's a study on proviron and winny together.

How winny and proviron will make your cycle kick ass!

Really, only a very small amount of Testosterone exists as “free” testosterone. Free test is testosterone that capable of binding to the Androgen Receptor,
which is where all the rest of the magic happens, and allows for the following benefits:
-Enhanced growth factor activity (e.g. GH, IGF-1, etc.)
-Enhanced activation of myogenic stem cells (i.e. satellite cells)
-Enhanced myonuclear number (to maintain nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio)
-Enhanced protein synthesis
-New myofiber formation

Testosterone binds at around 45% to what is known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), and about another 53% binds to proteins (albumin).
The rest exists in a “free” state (about 2% if you did your math).
Different variations of steroids also differ in the way in which they bind to proteins.
If one could unbind testosterone from SHBG by even a small percentage, it could make a big difference in the way that testosterone or other AAS exert their anabolic effects.
Studies show that when testosterone is unbound from SHBG the “free” test does in fact exert greater effects than total T. As the following studies support:
Demisch K, and Nickelsen T. Distribution of testosterone in plasma proteins during replacement therapy with testosterone enanthatein patients suffering from hypogonadism Andrologia 1983;15 Spec No:536-41.

Gandar R. Interpretation of the blood level of a steroid Rev Fr Gynecol Obstet 1985 Aug-Sep;80(8-9):635-40.
Legrand E., et al. Osteoporosis in men: a potential role for the sex hormone binding globulin Bone 2001 Jul;29(1):90-5.
Longcope C., et al. Diet and sex hormone-binding globulin. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2000 Jan;85(1):293-296.
Valero-Politi J, and Fuentes-Arderiu X. Within- and between-subject biological variations of follitropin, lutropin, testosterone, and sex-hormone-binding globulin in men. Clin Chem 1993 Aug;39(8):1723-1725.

Proviron(1-Methyl Dihydrotestosterone) has been shown to bind with SHBG much more readily than test.
Relative binding affinity of anabolic-androgenic steroids: comparison of the binding to the androgen receptors in skeletal muscle and in prostate,
as well as to sex hormone-binding globulin.

Saartok T, Dahlberg E, Gustafsson JA.

It is unclear whether anabolic steroids act on skeletal muscle via the androgen receptor (AR) in this tissue, or whether there is a separate anabolic receptor.
When several anabolic steroids were tested as competitors for the binding of [3H]methyltrienolone (MT; 17 beta-hydroxy-17 alpha-methyl-4,9,11-estratrien-3-one) to the AR in rat and rabbit skeletal muscle and rat prostate,
respectively, MT itself was the most efficient competitor.
1 alpha-Methyl-5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (1 alpha-methyl-DHT; mesterolone) bound most avidly to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) [relative binding affinity (RBA) about 4 times that of DHT].

Some anabolic-androgenic steroids bound strongly to the AR in skeletal muscle and prostate [ RBAs relative to that of MT: MT greater than 19-nortestosterone ( NorT ; nandrolone ) greater than methenolone (17 beta-hydroxy-1-methyl-5 alpha-androst-1-en-3-one) greater than testosterone (T) greater than 1 alpha-methyl-DHT]. In other cases, AR binding was weak (RBA values less than 0.05): stanozolol(17 alpha-methyl-5 alpha- androstano [3,2-c]pyrazol-17 beta-ol), methanedienone (17 beta-hydroxy-17 alpha-methyl-1,4-androstadien-3-one), and fluoxymesterolone (9 alpha-fluoro-11 beta-hydroxy-17 alpha-methyl-T). Other compounds had RBAs too low to be determined (e.g. oxymetholone (17 beta-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylene-17 alpha-methyl-5 alpha-androstan-3-one) and ethylestrenol (17 alpha-ethyl-4- estren -17 beta-ol). The competition pattern was similar in muscle and prostate, except for a higher RBA of DHT in the prostate. The low RBA of DHT in muscle was probably due to the previously reported rapid reduction of its 3-keto function to metabolites, which did not bind to the AR [5 alpha-androstane-3 alpha, 17 beta-diol and its 3 beta-isomer (3 alpha- and 3 beta-adiol, respectively)]. Some anabolic-androgenic steroids (only a few synthetic) bound to SHBG (1 alpha-methyl-DHT much greater than DHT greater than T greater than 3 beta-adiol greater than 3 alpha-adiol = 17 alpha-methyl-T greater than methenolone greater than methanedienone greater than stanozolol). The ratio of the RBA in rat muscle to that in the prostate (an estimate of the myotrophic potency of the compounds) was close to unity, varying only between about 0.4 and 1.7 in most cases.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)

Skalba P, Korfanty A, Mroczka W, Wojtowicz M. Related Articles
[Changes of SHBG concentrations in postmenopausal women]
Ginekol Pol. 2001 Dec;72(12A):1388-92. Polish.

Variations of sex hormone-binding globulin in thyroid dysfunction.

Brenta G, Schnitman M, Gurfinkiel M, Damilano S, Pierini A, Sinay I, Pisarev MA.

Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, French Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina. brenta@cnea.gov.ar

With the aim of understanding the variations of the levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) in thyroid dysfunction, we studied the influence of factors that also modify SHBG, such as menopausal status, age, and body mass index (BMI) in women with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, both overt and subclinical. Statistical analysis was performed by means of analysis of variance (ANOVA), stepwise multiple regression, and partial correlation. The ANOVA showed a significant statistical difference among the means of SHBG of all groups (p<0.01). The difference was due to the group that included hyperthyroid women. Multiple regression analysis showed that the main factors influencing SHBG were BMI and age, except for the hyperthyroid group, where the most important independent variables were triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). Partial correlation controlling the effect of BMI and age showed no association between SHBG and the other variables in all groups except for the subclinical hyperthyroid and hyperthyroid, where we found a significant association between SHBG and T4 and T3. The premenopausal or postmenopausal status did not modify SHBG levels. When the patients are taken as a whole, BMI, age, T4, and T3 all have an association with SHBG levels according to the multiple regression analysis.

Determinants of sex hormone-binding globulin blood concentrations in premenopausal and postmenopausal women with different estrogen status. Virgilio-Menopause-Health Group.

Pasquali R, Vicennati V, Bertazzo D, Casimirri F, Pascal G, Tortelli O, Labate AM.
Department of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, University of Bologna, Italy

Just a quote: 2) SHBG values are correlated positively with estradiol and negatively with insulin and testosterone concentrations, but the predictive value of these variabiles on SHBG appears to be different in premenopause and postmenopause; Here is a fun little fact: the level of SHBG can also be influenced by other factors. There is a direct relationship between the level of estrogen and thyroid hormones and the level of SHBG. Estrogen goes up, SHBG goes up. Estrogen goes down SHBG goes down. Same for Thyroid hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). Also, there is a relationship with diet and insulin, but that is something I will save for later.
Higher androgen levels due to AS administration has been shown to considerably lower levels of SHBG as well. The AaS Winstrol (stanozolol) was shown in a 1989 study to lower levels of SHBG by 50% after oral administration.

Sex hormone-binding globulin response to the anabolic steroid stanozolol: evidence for its suitability as a biological androgen sensitivity test.
Sinnecker G, Kohler S.

Department of Pediatrics, University of Hamburg, West Germany.

Both the androgen-induced decline in serum sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) levels during puberty and the anabolic effect of exogenous testosterone are absent in patients with androgen insensitivity (testicular feminization). To determine whether the androgen-induced decline in serum SHBG could be used as a test of androgen sensitivity, we studied the effect of the anabolic-androgenic steroid stanozolol (17 beta-hydroxy-17 alpha-methyl-5 alpha-androstano-[3,2-c]pyrazol) on serum SHBG in 25 control subjects, 3 patients with complete androgen insensitivity, and 4 patients with partial androgen insensitivity. Stanozolol was administered orally for 3 days (0.2 mg/kg.day); blood samples were taken before and 5, 6, 7, and 8 days after the beginning of the test for measurements of serum SHBG. The lowest value (i.e. the peak response) in each subject was used as the measure of the response to stanozolol. In the control subjects the mean nadir serum SHBG level was 51.6 +/- 5.9% (+/- SD) of the initial value (P less than 0.001). In the 4 patients with partial androgen insensitivity the nadir serum SHBG ranged from 73-89%, and in the 3 patients with complete androgen insensitivity it ranged from 93-97% of the initial value. Thus, the decrease in serum SHBG after short term administration of stanozolol reflects androgen responsiveness and, thus, may be used to differentiate patients with androgen insensitivity syndromes from those with other causes of male pseudohermaphroditism.

Take away notes:

This was after oral administration, so I am not sure that I can extrapolate the data to injectable as well.
SHBG is made in the liver so even an injectable winny would have to be processed there, albeit slower, due to the slower release of injectable winny and it’s direct release into the bloodstream.
That could possibly make it a little less effective in this regard.

In a nutshell: Proviron and Winny could provide the mechanisms to increase the value of other AS. Proviron would work because by binding to SHBG,
it leaves hormone in a free state to bind to the AR. Proviron is a terrible Anabolic,
but its affinity for SHBG would essentially “displace” other steroids from binding to SHBG.
Winstrol would work to reduce the overall amount of SHBG,
thereby having the effect of freeing up hormone to bind to the AR.
What a stack!

Team PSL,


More info..

Proviron can be added to any TRT protocol with or without Masteron (Drostanolone), exhibiting very similar properties.


EP's NEW TRT Blend / Testosterone enanthate 200mg/mL - Masteron Enanthate 200mg/mL - 400mg/mL

Why use the TRT blend? www.PuritySourceLabs.ru

Testosterone replacement therapy is as much an art as it is a science.
www.Euro-Pharmacies.net understands this concept this is why EP has designed and engineered the most sought-after ratio of hormones on the anabolic market today.
Through the treatment of Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) one should be given based on symptoms instead of just blood values.
If you have no energy, gain fat easily, having trouble putting on muscle, have a low libido, and suffer from depression, you may need TRT.
Especially if you feel this after a cycle/blast with a so-called successful "PCT"..
(Blood work should be taken to see if you are on the low end of the T spectrum)

Some benefits of this TRT stack may come rather quickly, such as increased libido as this may/can improve within weeks,
as can depression subsiding, loss of body fat and an increase in muscle and a overall sense of well being! www.PuritySourceLabs.ru

Androgen replacement therapy (ART), often referred to as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), is a class of hormone replacement therapy in which androgens, often testosterone, are replaced (and can be utilized for cruises between cycles/blasts). ART is often prescribed to counter the effects of male hypogonadism. It typically involves the administration of testosterone through injections of Testosterone. www.PuritySourceLabs.ru

ART is also employed after a cycle/blast for those that wish to stay "ON" to lessen the effects of being shut down, as user may notice changes caused by a relative decline in testosterone: TRT is employed to avoid fewer erections, fatigue, thinning skin, declining muscle mass and strength, more body fat. Dissatisfaction with these changes causes some users to lose appetite, and most gains made during their cycle. Most of all, TRT/cruise is utilized to help keep that healthy state of well-being while giving their body a rest between cycles/blasts..

The addition of Masteron in the blend is partially due to its anti-estrogen properties, and we say this for great reason. Masteron is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and does not convert to estrogen through the means of aromatization. It is thought that the anti-estrogenic properties of Masteron may be in part to do with either an inhibition in some way of the aromatase enzyme or an interaction with estrogen itself in a way which blocks receptor binding of the estrogen.

Either way, it's a WIN-WIN situation this would put Masteron as a very useful tool for the AAS user and specifically for those that cruise on low "T" doses who wish to inhibit the conversion of T to estrogen -
by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, Masteron would be in effect blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen by the aromatization pathway Yielding greater levels of Free usable test. (HIGHER FREE T LEVELS)
This would not only serve to marginally increase the amounts of active free testosterone in circulation (thus giving a greater effect of the testosterone during a TRT treatment or cruise)..Most TRT users report almost no need for AI's during this treatment with Low to moderate Testosterone ran concurrently with Masteron.

Average Testosterone Enanthate dosages are anywhere from 125mgs to 250mgs weekly, with just 200mgs a week of Masteron creating a match made in heaven, a complimentary duo!
(We suggest getting blood-work to reinforce these statements that are made with masteron assisting testE in this blend) ::CLICK HERE TO LEARN WHERE TO GET BLOOD WORK AND HOW TO DO IT::

For those on TRT or who blast & cruise, this blend is truly the master of all. Leading the way with what would probably be consider the BEST blend ratio mix with hormones serving numerous functions, virtually to many to list.
www.Euro-pharmacies.net out did themselves with this one.

They can range from 400mg a week up too 1000mg. One unique property with the cocktail is that you don't need much and 1mL weekly could prove to be a perfect dosages for just about anyone, especially those who are new to using low to moderate dosages, of those who are beginning their TRT therapy.



TRT Plus - 400mg/ml 10ml/vial EP $120

Condition: New product
Chemical Name:Testosterone, Drostanolone
Comes In: 10ml vial - 400 mg/ml:
Testosterone Enanthate 200mg
Drostanolone Enanthate 200mg
Dosage: 200-1000mg/week
Active time: Approx 21 days
Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid

Shipping from Europe


Blood work below from personal study in Sept 2018 on 200mg Pharma script Testosterone Cypionate with Masteron (Drostanolone) and Proviron (Mesterolone)

As many of you know I blast & cruise, more blasting than cruising with switch hitting.. I had blood work that was expected to be pulled from my Doc, he actually forgot and I had to remind him, it worked out well because I wanted to come off for a bit and do a little small cruise (6 weeks'ish) and give my CNS a moment to recoup as well as giving my REC's a brake..

I figured this would also be a great opportunity to take advantage of Masteron and Proviron used in conjunction with my TRT.. For the following reasons to keep libido strong, depression at a low at the same time optimizing the most out of my TRT dosage..

The addition with Proviron & Masteron is that it's a useful tool for the TRT user and specifically for those that cruise on low "T" doses who wish to inhibit the conversion of T to estrogen. By inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, Masteron would be in effect blocking the conversion of free testosterone to estrogen by the aromatisation pathway Yielding great levels of Free usable test. This would not only serve to marginally increase the amounts of active free testosterone in circulation (thus giving a greater effect of the testosterone during a TRT treatment or cruise).. With this said, I was just using 200mgs Script test-cyp E7D (with script adex .5 E3D) and Masteron-200 E7D and proviron at 50mg ED this ultimately created a match made in heaven, a complimentary duo!

Bloods were pulled 3 days after last pin and I was fasted and the panel was a sensitive essay (I wanted to see if my BS levels would effect estrogen total serum by way of estrone elevation due to fasting).. I have BS issues along with a family history of diabetes, the serum levels were extremely high and I doubt there was cross-reactivity of anything else due to the fact that E2 was low.. Being in a fasted state seems to be the culprit..

Further more, people tend to put blood serum numbers in a standard range of expectancy.. I've always advocated that I'm a slow/low metabolizer, even at 200mg which is the high end of TRT treatment and I barely scraped the high end.. It proves that this truly is NOT a one size fits all..

My closing comments : Libido was great, appetite was strong and I have no complaints, my sense of well-being was on point..The extreme low SHBG levels IMO are directly associated with the mast/prov, thus the result of low estro and higher free T..This can explain why I continued to feel great even after lowering my T dosage significantly..

I will continually use Mast and/or Proviron with every cruise I do!

Outstanding products...

There's an Easter egg here that's hidden inside of all of this, it's something I don't want people to miss.

This goes to prove that you really don't need much testosterone.. People don't need to chase a high total serum number in order to feel confident and reassured, when people are expecting numbers in or around the 3k + range and they believe that this is where you need to be in order to make the most progress, this is simply false and misleading.

Stop chasing total serums and focus on free test levels.. People can have 3000 of bound test and that doesn't mean anything, in fact that testosterone is useless if your FREE T ratios are low..
Users could incorporate compounds that are complementary with freeing up bound testosterone into more bioavailable testosterone such as Proviron (Mesterolone) - Masteron (Drostanolone) or Winstrol (Stanozolol)

Think of the example of speakers with an amplifier. Somebody could have 3000 watts being pushed into a set of speakers, yet clarity and distortion is a huge factor hindering quality with actually just sounding noisy. Compared to someone that has 500 watts of real quality true wattage with other components added for a smoother current and flow, better power source signaling while it sounds and out performance the counter-part that was sitting at 3000 watts. The quality option with purity vs. total raw out-put added life to the sound, do the same for the signaling within your body.

The conclusion here is to free up your bound testosterone levels, increase FREE T and let all of the other compounds be the workhorse in your cycles or blast or simply your TRT protocol..

Know how to optimize your testosterone levels so they can work best for you.. It's not about quantity but rather quality..
I would rather have several hundred work horses, compared to 3000 useless horses..