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raw and injectable sales


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Apr 6, 2016
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IML Gear Cream!
Hi everybody , we do a raw and injectables sales for 2 weeks, pls check , if you are interested in it or have some questions, pls contact us without hesitation, we will reply you asap

1. ) Raws
If the amount is 300$-499$, we offer 5% off
If the amount is 500$-999$, we offer 10% off
If the amount is 1000$-1499$, we offer 15% off
If the amount is 1500$-2000$, we offer 20% off

2. ) Injectables
• Order 5 bottles to get 2 free bottles
• Order 10 bottles to get 7 free bottles
• Order 15 bottles to get 15 free bottles

REQUIREMENTS : 5 bottles (same injectables or different injectables----same value)
3. ) Payment
Bitcoin or USDT or other digital currency
4. )Contact information:
Our hgh/hcg/peptides/injectables shop: ironlion-lab.is
Our raw shop: www.ironlion-pharma.is
Wickr: ironlionlabs
Email: ironlion@keemail.me