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Rep Range For Legs???????


Jan 3, 2001
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Bristow, VA, USA
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Here is what I did:

Warm ups I used a weight I thought I could get out 20 but only got 18, Then added 20 lbs and did 14 reps, then added 20lbs and did 10, 10, 9

Calves 18, 17, 15

SLDL's 10, 9

I hate doing squats becuase the kick my ass but I love the feeling when I'm done, the same with Dead Lifts. What does everyone else do for your lower body workout?

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here is my current leg routine

squats 3x5-8
leg press 1x15
SLDL 3x8-15
leg curls 1x12

on every third workout, i will do 1x20 on squats instead of 3x5-8
Right now:
Hack Squat 10,10,8
Leg press 12,10,8
Standing calves 3 x 14
seated Calves 3 x 14
Leg ext. 12,10,8
Leg curls 10,10,8
I pyramid the weight

Do you like that routine for squats Zone? I suck at them, that looks like it might work well though.
My squats suck.... Comparatively they are my weakest point. I was thinking of a change up....

2 warm-up sets at about 50 & 75% of max of 7 reps each.

Then 2 sets of 5 at 90% of my max.

Hopefully that will increase my max.
I would try 2 sets of 7-9 reps with a weight you can do 7 times, but strugle with 9. Every time you get 9 on both sets, its time to move up in weight and you will make quicker gains.

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Everybody is different, but I think that 'high' reps work the best. For squats I do 16-14-12-8, increasing weight each set. For other things, like leg extensions/curls, etc. I try to do straight sets of 16. You might look at the workouts everyone posted.