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Sarms - something for everyone - all you need to know


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Jan 9, 2013
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View attachment 26814Sarm(selective androgen receptor modulator) were developed for treatment for conditions associated with muscle wasting diseases both acute and chronic such as Bone deterioration, aids ,osteoporosis, and cancer.
(SARMs) are a class of androgen receptor ligands that bind androgen receptor and display tissue-selective activation of androgenic signaling. The initial efforts to develop steroidal SARMs, based on modifications of the testosterone molecule, date back to the 1940s
Sarms were not specifically made for just one specific population of people, almost everyone can benefit from sarms. From the top of the line athlete to someone chronically ill, looking to maximize there quality of life.
There are many advantages of using sarms when compared to steroids. You will experience similar effects and benefits such as:
improve strength,
quicker recovery,
Healing benefits,
increase fat loss,
increase lean mass,
stamina and well being ,
Increase bone mass and density.
Reduction in prostate.
Sarms are non methylated. So they come without many of the harsh side effects that come along with many steroids.
Gynecomastia /aromatization
Liver toxicity
Affect the prostate minimally.
SARMs will not significantly suppress LH / FSH level unless extremely high doses (3-4x the recommended effective dose) are administered.
Weather your goal is fatloss, strength, adding mass, Recomp, or improving your endurance /performance
SPS has something for everyone.

#1. LGD 4033.
Is going to be your best sarm for bulking in my opinion.
LGD has also been shown to increase bone mineral density.
LGD 4033 has a definite anabolic effect when it comes to building muscle and anti resorptive and anabolic activity in bone, and strong selectivity for muscle vs the prostate.
Users can expect increase lean muscle mass, improved strength and stamina, while also reducing body fat do to binding so strongly to the Androgen receptor.
recommended dosing for men 10mg ed. And 5mg for the ladies.
My second choice would be
#2 MK 677
Although not really a sarm but a gh secretagogue. For now we will discuss why it should be chosen as part of your bulking cycle. Although the overall benefits can be applied to even improving the quality of your every day life..
Mk 677 will increase your gh and igf 1 without raising your cortisol or prolactin. This is great news.
MK 677 works by mimicking ghrelin and activating Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptors (GHSR)
Ghrelin works together with a hormone called leptin which helps regulate the amount of food we eat.
Ghrelin stimulates the release of GH.
Since MK 677 mimicks Ghrelin to the point that it binds to the Receptors, it also stimulates the release of gh.
Mk 677 benefits include:
Increase in muscle mass
Increased appetite
Improved sleep and recovery
Preserve muscle during a caloric restricted environment.
Decrease/Inhibit fat accumulation
Increase in mineral density and bone density
Improved mood
Improve cognitive function
Slow down the aging process
Improved endurance
Inhibition of cortisol and prolactin
MK677 Really benefits the hard gainers.. Or anyone struggling to get in enough calories daily. You will be hungry and ready to eat all the time. Between the increase in calories and added benefit of sleep and recovery. Your body will be primed and ready to bulk up like never before.
The Half life is about 24hrs
Suggest dose is 25mg ed once a day for 8-12weeks

Check out the study below.


#3- RAD 140.
stacked with MK-677 for 8-12 weeks (expect raw power and drastic size in record breaking time)
Rad140 expect very clean gains in muscle and strength.
This is a great 1-2combo. Add in LGD4033
And you have a trifecta that will knock your socks off.
Rad 140 is very versatile.
This is one sarm that can be used or stacked for strength, performance, great for a recomp, and even part of a good cutting stack.

#4 YK11
Although yk11 is classified as a sarm, it is also known to be a myostatin inhibitor.
Myostatin is a protein in the body that limits and controls muscle growth. It has been noted in studies that lower levels of myostatin have a much greater muscle growth and strength compared to normal amounts of myostatin.
Yk11 Works by limiting myostatin in the muscle by attaching itself to the Androgen receptors.
This intern will allow you to exceed your normal capabilities and push beyond your normal genetic limitation, allowing more muscle growth, increase size and strength then normally capable of.
Yk-11 has a short half life 6-10hrs, so it is best to split dosing ,twice a day.
Dosage may range from 10-20mg depending on goals. Individual results will vary.
8-12 weeks is a Common cycle.
YK11 is BEST used for adding mass and size especially when using in conjunction with RAD140.
Yk11 is the real McCoy.. YK-11 10-20mg is a very synergistic stack with RAD140 20mgs daily
(8-10 week mass blast)

#5 MK 2866(Ostarine)
Mk-2866 is the most well-known and widely used sarm not just in bodybuilding, but by athletes both male and female from around the world.
Mk-2866 is very user-friendly and well known for his therapeutic properties and injury prevention associated with tendons ligaments and Bone.
Mk-2866 is very versatile and widely used with amazing results. If you suffer from injuries, mk-2866 will speed up healing and shorten your recovery time. You will feel like a new person and be training pain free before you know it.
Mk-2866 will cause steady and consistent Lean gains. With Proper nutrition and training , users can expect to gain an upward of 10 lb during a lean bulk, over a 12-week cycle.
Individual results will vary person to person, depending on metabolism, caloric intake, and training.
Mk-2866 will also help with nutrition partitioning and will prevent catabolism. Meaning that mk-2866 is well suited for cutting and maintaining your muscle during a calorie deficit without worrying about losing the gains you recently worked so hard to make. Users can expect to add between 3-5 lb of lean muscle while losing upward of 1-3%bf. Individual results will vary person to person.
When used for a true recomp, users can expect to gain
5-7lb of lean muscle while dropping 1-2% body fat.
Individual results will vary.
Mk-2866 can be used solo or in a stack to further enhance Muscle growth, strength, endurance, stamina and fatloss.
Half life is about 24hrs.
Dosing ranges: 12.5 -25mg daily.
25mg is considered a standard dose.
Cycles are normally run anywhere from 8-12 weeks.
Bulking 25mg/day for 8 weeks
Recomposition 20-25mg/day for 6-12 weeks for this it stacks great with S-4 & GW-501516
Cutting 15-20mg/day for 6-12 weeks for this it stacks great with Andarine , sr9009
Injury Rehabilitation 12.5mg/day for 6-8 weeks (Great for recovery when used with peptide Thymosin Beta(TB4) Tb-500 2mg made by Euro-Phamacies)


#1 GW-501516(CARDARINE)
GW is not truly a sarm but a ppar Agonist that has been shown to fight certain disorders such as obesity and other medical conditions such as diabetes.

(GW) binds to the PPAR receptor, a specific group of receptors ( that detect thyroid and steroidal hormones in the body) that initiates the PGC-1a enzyme. This action leads to gene expression that revolve around energy expenditure.

Studies involving GW-501516 have shown to increase the metabolism of fatty acids in rats. It was also shown in the same studies to reduce the odds of obesity even with poor eating habits and work to aid in prevention of Type-2 diabetes. Cardarine has been shown to greatly increase HDL (good cholesterol) by almost 80% and decrease LDL (bad cholesterol).
The effects of Cardarine are significant and have become highly sought after and a welcomed addition in the bodybuilding industry and also for any type of performance athlete.
Here are a few benefits you can expect from GW.
Increased energy
Improved glucose uptake and aerobic capacity
Increased endurance may be the PPAR-RA?s most incredible attribute.
Users will find out they do not tire out as easily and can train more frequently, harder and for longer periods of time. For those running AAS.
We know certain compounds will have a negative effect on our respiratory system, affecting our breathing and reduce our aerobic capacity. Cardarine should help alleviate most of these conditions.
Cardarine also will help with fat loss. If nothing else, you?re able to perform your cardio more intensely and longer. Further more, it doesn?t carry any catabolic effects, so muscle loss will be of no concern.
GW-501516 has been shown to increase nutrient efficiency. You make better use of the nutrients you?re consuming. Those who use GW(Cardarine) will find increased levels of glucose uptake and fat stores reduced also.
(GW ) is great to use during a calorie deficit it will help burn away that stubborn fat without sacrificing muscle tissue
(Gw)Cardarine is not a stimulant , so you will not experience anxiousness, nor jitters , thus you will experience no crash.
There have been no known side effects to date

Half life up to 24hrs
Suggested Dosing
10 -20mg daily.
Taken once daily or you can split your dose.

10 mg in the am and 10 mg preworkout
On non workout days
10mg in the am/ 10mg 10-12hrs later.
No pct required

Is not a sarm but an Agonist of Rev-erba created by Thomas Burris.
Rev-erba nuclear receptors are involved in many of the bodies daily functions and processes including regulation of metabolism, inflammation, immunity, improved lipids, circadian rhythms and adipogenesis (the formation of fat) or fatty tissue.
This means sr9009 will provide you with an increase in energy expenditures, greatly increase endurance, and decrease body fat by enhancing fat oxidation.

Sr9009 is not a stimulant. So you will not experience the side effects normally associated with stimulants that put added stress on the heart and body such as a raise in bp, rapid heartbeat, shakiness, or anxiousness. You also will not experience the dreaded crash that comes along with most stimulants, restlessness and/or the inability to fall asleep, And receive a good nights rest.

Sr9009 is safe for everyone. From the beginner, who has never trained a day in their life, to the most advanced hard core athletes who pushes their body to the limits every single day.
For the experienced athlete sr9009 this will allow you to train faster, longer and harder without becoming tired or winded. this is accomplished by replacing the old mitochondria with newly created ones.
Users will experience an increase in metabolic rate even when at rest. This is because Sr9009 will make the body think its exercising even when it is not, causing the body to burn more calories and stored fat as fuel even when sitting still.
This is great news for someone just beginning to exercise or not in the best conditioning. Users can expect to burn more calories, and experience a greater fatloss, while improving overall health markers such as sugar levels and greatly lowering bad cholesterol. This will keep many new comers from giving up and becoming discouraged with a lack of progress.

Sr9009 can be ran solo or stacked with any sarm to further enhance their effects and become a true game changer. Many users stack sr9009 with their anabolic cycles to offset many of the side affects that come from harsher steroids. Sr9009 will further enhance there fatloss capabilities, reduce bloat and water retention, improve cardio and endurance, and help to improve the negative effects many steroids have on cholesterol levels.

There are no side effects noted for sr9009.
It is not hormonal, and does not carry any androgenic or estrogenic related side effects. Sr9009 will not effect your dht, prostate, or estrogen in any way.
Recommended daily dose is 20-30mg although users have reported taken as high as 40 mg.
1/2 life is only Around 4-5 hrs
Do to the short half life, we recommend dosing 3x daily.
Once in the am, once preworkout , once in the pm.
This is a great compound for cutting and not so much for mass ..If you've used potent cutting agents than this compound will knock your socks off without having to make huge sacrifices with your diet..
The ultimate fatloss 1-2punch is stacking GW +SR9009.
For Recomposition trifecta 30mg/day for 8-12 weeks.
stacks great with (s4)Andarine, mk2866, lgd 4033
Cutting trifecta 20-30mg/day for 8-12 weeks for this it stacks great with Andarine , rad140 and/or GW
Andarine is a sarm that is widely used in the bodybuilding world and athletic community to help achieve all the anabolic benefits such as increased strength And muscle without the added weight.
By binding to the androgen receptors, S4 alters the gene expression, there by increasing anabolism by increases in protein synthesis.
In comparison to its binding affinity it is approximately one third that of testosterone.
unlike many other androgens, andarine does not convert to (DHT) and it does not aromatize..
Users can expect lean gains to be made, and increase in strength, accompanied by increased fatloss .
I believe Andarine really shines during a cut or a recomp. Andarine will protect your muscle tissue during a calorie deficit.
Research has shown Andarine to increase lipolysis (fat loss) yet it is unclear to what extent .Andarine
has been shown to increase hardness and definition significantly, especially in someone who is already lean with a low bf.
Hardening and strength effect of Andarine are often compared steroids such as anavar or winstrol.
Andarine has a short half life 4-6hrs
Standard dosing can range between 50-75mg.
Due to the short half life it is best to split your dose to at least. 2-3x daily
Cycle length Should be between 8-12 weeks.
Andarine can be ran solo or in combination with other sarms.
I highly recommend stacking andarine.
For Strength Gains and power out-put
50mg/day for 8-12 weeks

Recomposition 50-75mg/day for 6-12 weeks
stacks well with ostarine 25mg ,gw20mg

Cutting 50mg/day for 6-12 weeks - for this it stacks great with rad140 & GW-501516/SR9009


#4 RAD140
If your struggling to add lean muscle mass no matter how much eat, If your struggling to drop those last couple pounds to look absolutely shredded. If you have hit a brick wall in your training and do not seem to be getting any stronger. Rad140 is what you Need!.
You will experience an increase in lean body mass while simultaneously burning more fat than ever before.
You will experience increased strength, increased stamina and endurance, hitting more reps and speeding through your workout faster than ever. You will be able to workout harder and longer than you ever have before. You will recover faster, spending less downtime between sets.

Rad140 does not aromatize. You will not experience estrogenic side effects, or progestin side effects such as gynecomastia or bloating. Rad140 will not convert to to DHT, so hair loss and prostate related issues will not pose a problem. Rad140 is slightly suppressive.

RAD140 can be ran solo, or in a (2-3) sarm stack.
Choosing what other sarms to stack with rad140 is dependant upon on your individual needs. RAD 140 is very versatile. You can cut, bulk, recomp, or merely use RAD 140 to add strength. Rad140 is also a great option to including in your anabolic cycle (Included TRT).
Cutting RAD 140,15-20mg/day for 6-12 weeks for this it stacks great with Andarine or GW/sr9009
Bulking RAD140 20mgs ED stacked with MK-677 for 8-12 weeks (expect raw power and drastic size in record breaking time)
Recomposition 20-25mg/day for 6-12 weeks.
stacks great with S-4 & GW-501516, ostarine.

Rad 140 has about a 18-20hr half life
once a day dosing will be fine. Although some may still choose towdose twice daily. 10-12hrs apart
20mg seems to be the standard dose with 30mg being the maximum.
Cycle length can vary from 8 weeks up to a maximum of 16 weeks.
A light pct is recommended

#5 S23
S23 is possibly the strongest sarm available today and will provide you with steroid like results without all the androgen side effects such as enlarged prostate that normally come along with steroids. Instead s23 will actually reduce prostate size.
Users report s23 has provided them with an increase in lean dry muscle mass, pumps, increase in hardness and definition, tremendous increase in endurance, and accelerated fat loss. Fatloss seems to be dose dependent. The higher the dose the more dramatic the fatloss.
These results have been mentioned by users to be camparible to more popular steroids such as winny and anavar.
Many compare S23 to a much stronger version of S4.

S23 can be ran solo, and stacked with other SARMS, although s23 may be best suited to run at the back end of your cycle or prep for a show.
Some side effects have been noted.
S23 will shut you down, so a full pct is recommended. Other possible side effects may Include,
Dry joints, anger-aggression , and due to the short half life twice a day Dosing.

Half life is roughly 11-12hrs.
Recommended dosing range: 20-30mg
Split your dosing twice a day.
Although you may start dosing at 5-10mg and titrate upward as you feel comfortable.
Recommended Cycle length
We are starting with a minimal dose you may adjust accordingly.
BULKING 10-30mg ED for 8-10 weeks along with the combination of RAD140, and MK-677 is insane for gaining size.
(expect dry,lean mass)

Recomposition 10-30MG ED for 8-10 weeks along with the combination of MK-2866 (Ostarine) and LGD-4033 (ligandrol)
Cutting -Same cycle combo as recomp-
For further fatloss and endurance benefits you may a switch out either of the 2 sarms above with GW or Sr9009.

Article by MD24
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