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She Bangs, She Bangs


Give it to me
Mar 14, 2002
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This my new journal for my P90X Program.

I'm gonna get pics put up this weekend to start this thing off right.

I'm gonna do my best to follow this program line by line. I am going to list a small disclaimer though: We will be giving the IVF one more try soon so if you see my belly actually growing -- it is a baby ahhhhh to dream :daydream:

With that being said, my diet will follow exactly what is in the nutrition plan.

No workout this morning, I slept in.
Diet wise:
Green tea and oatmeal w/ cinnamon this morning for breakfast
I do not know what my snack will be
I will probably end up running an errand at lunch, so I might pick up a salad or sandwich
I will probably have a Kashi bar or something for an afternoon snack
I do not know what dinner will be yet.

I think our P90X program will probably come in today. I plan to go for some cardio early tomorrow morning and then go shopping for the races this weekend. I will definitely be running up and down the track this weekend.
haha... I read the journal title and immediately thought of William Hung from American Idol...lol :laugh:

Good luck with the program!
Exactly Katt.....very good

She bangs and also has a "banging body".

Here are some tips for success that I found on the P90X Forum, I think it applies for success for everyone.

1.) Follow the outstanding P90X Nutrition Program (It works)
2.) Eat 5 or 6 small meals per day
3.) Drink up to 1 gallon of water per day
4.) Use supplements (They give you an edge)Whey Protein, Multi-vitamins, extra vitamins (E,C, Omega Complex), a quality Fat Burner
5.) Suffer during workouts to maximize results
6.) Use supplemental cardio workouts to enhance fat burning
7.) Stretch daily to prevent injury and enhance recovery
8.) Get enough sleep to maximize recovery (7 hours or more per night)
9.) Visualize the results you want to achieve daily to remain focused on your goals, both short and long term.
10.) Never give up or quit, no matter what!
Oh PS, I actually added some scrambled egg whites, green bell pepper, tomato and onion in with my breakfast this morning.
good tips to follow. I bet brad likes the title alot! lol Good luck girl on the new program.
:roflmao: if it were up to Brad it would just be bang, bang
Yeah, it's not just a man thing......Brad says I'm out of control.
All i could think of was Ricky Martin! Gosh, i loved him when i was younger . . . . ahh . . . :daydream:

Ahem, anyway . . . . best of luck on your new journal. I love the tips for success, especially 'suffer during workouts'. I think we can all tick that box!!
OK, I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT HAVING TO DO THIS -- but ya gotta start somewhere, right? HERE GOES

let me just go ahead and :barf: right now.



Well, I don't know why they came out like that.....but oh well.
when are you gonna start the ivf treatments again??

you have a good base, girl, you just gotta work it!! So what does the P90X thing look like, is it workouts and diet?? I heard it comes with supps too...??

we saw a commercial the other day talking about "breast muscles" Cody says you need to show us those too :roflmao: ya know...for reference only ;)
I didn't know it came with supps too. I think it's just the dvd's and the diet. I think it will be here today actually. yeah, I think I have a good start, and I think my workouts as they are, are okay -- can't wait to see what happens on the p90x program -- I think my prob is all diet.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours! :laugh:

As far as the ivf, we will probably cycle next month.
Oh by the way..... :eek: look at those guns :eek:

actually I am jealous of your arms...I can never get any definition there :yell:
fitty, good luck on both of your new endevors.

and i think i have those same underware:thinking:no mine are green:D
actually I am jealous of your arms...I can never get any definition there :yell:

True - that is still something i struggle with.

You look good, there is definately some great shoulder/bicep definition there. At least you know what to do to get your body looking the way you want it. We'll be expecting update pics too :thumb:
I'm starting the program today. It arrived yesterday, so I'm excited. I meant to grab the diet book when I left this morning, but I walked off and forgot it. Oh well, my diet will be good today.

  • I'm having coffee right now, but I'll got get some egg whites in a bit and have my oatmeal.
  • Brought my water bottle and will drink all of my water today.
  • Plan to have my tuna with some eggs for lunch.
  • My snacks will be either; apple, kashi bar or nuts/string cheese
  • Dinner will probably be chicken or fish and some green veggie
are you gonna let us know what their diet book says as far as meals?
That's pretty cool that everything is pretty much planned out for you... no guess work needed!!

Good luck! And yeah,,, updated pic's are a must!!!
Yes, I will billie. As soon as I get home from my cardio workout tonight, I plan to grab the book and start logging.

Oh by the way, it doesn't come with supps. They recommend you buy their supps, but they do say that you don't have to. Just get ones that you like. I know they want you to have a protein shake, omega 3's and a multi vit.

I started back on my pre-natals last night and I already take my fish oils every day.
Oh yeah, I plan to do updated pics probably every couple of weeks.

Thanks Sam, I think my legs and my arms come in quicker than anything else. Wish I knew why....I'd make my ass and my fat gut come in just as quickly!! :roflmao:
are the fish oils for the pregnancy?? How are they beneficial? I'm assuming Folic Acid is in the prenatals?
Yep, FA from the pre-natals. I've always taken my fishoils for my cholesterol and to get the necessary EFA's in my diet because I know I don't eat enough fish. I don't think it can hurt anything when it comes to pre and/or pregnancy.
Awesome, BEST Wishes Sister Fitty in both the routine and IVF my Friend, GOD Speed you and yours!!!