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Sports and Competition


Nov 13, 2020
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Sport gives people many opportunities to make the most of their abilities, to contribute to a collective effort, to enjoy joy and sometimes to experience the sorrows of victory and defeat. . And more than that, competing in sport is all about fun.

Competition helps people to be mentally prepared for life's challenges and how to respond positively in the face of challenges and change.

There are countless forms of competition for paralyzed athletes, at local baseball fields, ice rinks, gymnasiums or racetracks, even in competitive races between athletes. excellence from the Paralympics (the Disabled Sports Festival).

Some sports require athletes to be in good health, for example basketball and tennis. As for the technical side, there are sports like billiards and sailing. wuxiaworld

People in wheelchairs race on wheelchairs, hand bikes, cars, sailing and more. They weightlifted, stood on surfboards to jump over gentle slopes, played soccer in parking lots, shot rifles and played hockey. The possibilities for participation in sports are endless. If you are interested in almost any sport you know, there are people out there who will be willing to play with you. There is no reason for you to stand outside.

Rehabilitation specialists emphasize the importance of sports and leisure activities in the successful transition of the mental and physical state of the disabled. Disability, spinal cord damage, and paralysis can cause people to lose confidence and be psychologically depressed, gradually alienating them from family and friends. Sports provide opportunities for success, rebuilding confidence and focusing on what can be done instead of always thinking nothing can be done.