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Testosterone for Women - Benefits vs. Risks


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Nov 29, 2000
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More people are taking testosterone, including women, so I wanted to make a video about the benefits and risks they may experience. This video is less about women using testosterone as a PED, and more about women in middle age and older taking TRT for many of the same reasons men do: vitality, energy, maintaining body composition, and sex. But they face the same risks men do, as well as risks associated with cancers we see more frequently in women. And some women are getting TRT from clinics that may not be following up to properly avoid those risks. This video explains how to weigh the benefits against the risks and how to properly follow up so women can enjoy TRT while staying healthy!

By addressing the misconceptions and highlighting the reasons why women in middle age and older might choose to undergo TRT, such as vitality, energy, maintaining body composition, and sexual health, you can help dispel the notion that it's solely about performance-enhancing purposes. By emphasizing that women face similar risks to men when taking testosterone, as well as additional risks associated with cancers more common in women, you'll be providing an accurate and comprehensive view of the topic.

Drawing attention to the importance of receiving TRT from reputable clinics that prioritize follow-up care is crucial. Women should have access to proper medical supervision, regular check-ups, and monitoring to ensure they can enjoy the benefits of TRT while minimizing potential risks. By highlighting the significance of ongoing medical oversight, you can help educate viewers about the steps they should take to maintain their health and well-being.