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The Very Real Dangers Of “Blasting And Cruising” With Steroids


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Nov 29, 2000
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Jerry Brainum explains why you should never follow a “blasting and cruising” steroid regimen due to very serious health concerns.

Last week, Arnold Schwarzenegger restated his worry about the abuse of steroids in modern bodybuilding. Jerry Brainum agrees – and he believes the most dangerous aspect is in an increasingly popular new steroid regimen that pushes the boundaries into serious health consequences. Brainum is referring specifically to “blasting and cruising” – a steroid regimen that avoids cycles all together and instead keeps you on some form of steroid non stop. In our latest episode of Straight Facts, Jerry Brainum breaks down the very serious dangers of blasting and cruising – and warns that bodybuilders avoid it entirely.

It’s no secret that steroids are used in bodybuilding. While the pros avoid directly commenting on use – it’s an unspoken understanding in the industry for fans and athletes alike. Typically, a bodybuilder will go on a steroid cycle. This involves taking steroids for a set period of time and then coming off the steroids. Then repeat. It’s a literal cycle.

When a bodybuilder is “off cycle” – they go into post-cycle therapy. Over time, a bodybuilder is unable to naturally product testosterone after a cycle. Post-cycle therapy is a series of supplements that helps kick start that natural testosterone production.

Blasting and cruising abandons the cycle entirely and keeps a bodybuilder on some form of steroids throughout the entire year. Jerry Brainum has noticed that this is a more modern technique that was rarely done in previous eras fo the sport. It’s also a technique that has extremely dangerous consequences. Let’s jump into it.

What Is Blasting And Cruising?​

Blasting and cruising is an alternate technique of steroid use in bodybuilding. It foregoes the typical cycle in favor of a new one that keeps the individual on steroids throughout the entire year. Instead of a typical on and off steroid cycle – this new cycle is blasting and then cruising.

Blasting is when you go on a typical normal heavy steroid regimen. This is very similar to a traditional cycle. However, instead of going off cycle after – the bodybuilder will “cruise” which is to switch into a low dose steroid regimen. After the cruising period, the bodybuilder goes back to blasting. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Why is Blasting And Cruising Dangerous?​

Blasting and cruising keeps a bodybuilder on some dosage of steroids all year. This prevents the body from having a break from these powerful drugs and repairing the potential damage caused by them.

Jerry Brainum explains that during a traditional cycle, the body processes steroids via the liver. Of time, this can lead to inflammation and even damager to the liver. Typically, when a bodybuilder goes off the cycle, the liver is able to slowly repair any of that damage. It should be noted that in rare instances, this damage cannot be undone. This all comes down to genetics – but majority of individuals do recover.

Compare this to blasting and cruising. By never coming off steroids, the repair of the liver never happens. While the cruising period is a relatively safe dose of steroids (typically somewhere around 100mg), staying on the drug non-stop has slow long term consequences.

The liver never repairs. Instead, it continues to slowly become inflamed and damaged. Eventually, this turns into liver disease. Once a person reaches the point of liver disease, this cannot be undone. It can lead to severe complications and even death.

A Note About Steroids And Cardiovascular Health​

It should be noted that while a typical cycle often allows the liver to repair and recover – there are still other serious side effects and health risks to taking steroids recreationally. Even if a person does not blast and cruise – a typical steroid cycle can lead to long term heart complications and cardiovascular disease.

In addition to this – long term steroid use can lead to a permanent inability for the body to natural produce testosterone. This requires a lifetime on testosterone replacement therapy (or TRT). If this is not done, an individual will suffer many consequences. Not particularly fatal – but life changing.

This is all to say that a traditional steroid cycle is not a 100% safe alternative to blasting and cruising. However, science proves that the blasting and cruising method is far more dangerous and leads to far quicker and more guaranteed health risks.

Wrap Up​

The bodybuilding community have been debating about the rise of steroid abuse for years now. With many deaths plaguing the sport, fans, athletes, and industry professionals are worried that drug use has gone too far. The abuse has reached a fever pitch – and serious consequences will continue to follow.

This is why Jerry Brainum wanted to break down the blast and cruise steroid technique. It is simply one aspect of how far drug abuse has been pushed in the sport compared to older generations. It’s a warning and hopefully a wake up call for young athletes to consider their health before diving into these risky trending regimens.