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Jan 22, 2011
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Florida, USA
How long until the Tren kicks in Repo??? Or anyone else that has used it!!!! I have been on the Euro Tren-Ace right now for 6 days and so far not one side!!!! No Tren cough insomnia or anything else!!!! I am pinning 75mgs ED and thinking either im taking it very good or it's not kicked it yet.....So does anyone know that has used Euro or just Tren alone????

I think I really started to see the tren kicking in at week three (give or take) - but I wouldn't judge the tren based on the sides.

I'll post a link to a review I did a while back when I first started using the Euro line - you might have already seen it.

When I did the review my tren dose was at 400 - right now I'm running a little over 800 - the results are freaking awesome but I don't have any sides at all except night sweats and those haven't even been as bad lately.

This dose I'm on right now has been with Euro line and with Z line - the difference between the two as in how I feel has pretty much been identical.

My experience with tren vs Dbol - would be Dbol packed on well over 20 lbs within a few weeks - The weight slowly went down a bit after the Dbol and now about 3-4 months latter I'm at the same weight when I was on Dbol except I have zero bloat - as far as I can see.

So over the long run using tren I'm packing on much more "solid" muscle.

Right now I'm still running 500mg test enanthate and a little over 800mg tren enanthate.

So far my favorite cycle. :thumbs:

Here's the review.



Jul 16, 2010
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I'm running .75mg eod and am feeling it after about 8 days but you can't count on the sides as not everyone reacts the same. You should notice a strong spike in aggression the other stuff will follow.

Pretty sure you mean 75mg, not 0.75mg. Unless you mean 0.75ml, which could be 75mg if your tren is 100mg/ml. just sayin.