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What's your max bench?

You guys are some beasts... My best is 305 at 175 before my hernia.. You guys give me inspiration
I am going to see if anyone else has this problem. My elbows and shoulder joints fucking kill me while warming up to do bench press. Sometimes it will go away after a few sets and sometimes it just lessens. This all kinda started when I was trying to get to 400lbs bench. So now I can do 315 for a few reps but scared if I add weight I am going to hurt something. Anyone else have this? Should I fight through or take some time off to heal up? I am 42 so don't bounce back too fast these days....
I feel you. My elbows absolutely kill me. Some days are worse than others but it's always uncomfortably distracting at best and extremely painful at worst. The best thing I've found so far is Inzer elbow sleeves. They work better for me than the neoprene rubbery ones, I guess because you can really cinch up the painful area.
My one rep max at age 48 -- 205. Weighing in at 170 ish.
405 - 6'4" 240 on a good day 50 years old.
405 and I feel like my shoulder will explode, need something for that.