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What's your max squat!


Aug 21, 2011
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Another thread that needs to be in here.....

My squat sucks! Most iv squated is 515 at about 240 raw. My max suited is 633 in the 220 class.
I never go over 405, or my knees go to shit. Currently I am doing sets of 405 for 3-5 reps.
i did 315 after femur fx but to much now, 135 is tops.
550 at 185 in my early 30s. Now 365 for sets of 12-15 at 50. My legs are small though.
585 raw....im gunning for 600 just like my deadlift. started powerlifting 2 yrs ago. im a newbie at it, but ive been a natural up until now..:) im 37, so i think i have few years left in me to break 1600 raw. ill be happy with that,,,,plus i drink way too much beer..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
455 about 3 mos ago took me 5 full seconds to pull out of the hole but it seemed like a half hour and the back of my head felt like it was going to explode lol. 180 lb. bw. wide stance neoprene knee wraps cuz I have 2 previous knee injuries no belt.
my knees are shit I can only squat to a bench
i am 6 foot 3 inches tall . my best squat was 550 pounds at 250 bwt . long time ago .
I've done 385 for a single. That was Olympic style and far more depth than most people achieve (Video in my signature). I'm probably going to switch back to PL style and start moving into the 400's.
........wow, that 385 was U G L Y but you stuck in there and pull it out. I though for sure u where gonna dump it...

But it don't Matter what it looks like just as long as it goes down and up. Way to stick with it.
I've wasted so much time not knowing what I was doing. I've broken my squat down multiple times, and I finally have it now that I've fixed all my weaknesses. At 215lbs BW I've done 300. It's only going up from there.
Just squated 535 raw to tonight.... Wish it was more, it's never been a strong point of mine but I'm trying. 550-575 raw will happen by worlds.... Not strong for being in 242 but it's what I got....
Ive never used knee wraps. only in the last 6-8yrs started using a belt. I didnt say Im smart. At 42yrs old I stick with 405 with a true bodybuilding stance. Guys trying to look strong with wide stances or too narrow with wraps so tight it just springs them back up. I would like to try a squat suit like Ronnie Coleman uses. I want thicker legs, so I try to have total control with the weight and movement. Not to slow on the way up though. I can use 495 for reps also, but its uncomfortable.
560x5 at 224lbs
I pretty much squat what I pull.
^^^^ How tall are you? Body weight? To parrallel or above? Strong lift.
5'9". I might miss one at parrallel. My partner watches and makes sure I dont after that. Thanks
Body weight?

224lbs 12%. Bout to go up though. Just started tren ace, test p and mast p. Oh yeah! Keeping doses somewhat low. Gonna try a series of quick 8week cycles as an experiment.