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Hey man any idea what’s going on ? I sent numerous emails to same info@mymonsterlabs.com and they all got denied. Now I’m getting this screen. I might be a newbie on here but been in the game quite a while and this has never happened


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@Cbr600rr it wont let me dm you for some reason. Are servers are not compatible with proton mail. That may be why.
This might sound dumb but where on this site does it say messaging because I can’t find it
haha no worries, top right next to your screenname to the left of the bell, mail icon
Does anyone still have pictures of Mrs Kos and Kos this is Tonya and I'm looking for old pictures have lost most of them
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Hey bud, are you guys still active here?
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Try Him at ASF if you dont get him here
Hi. Do you only accept Bitcoin as payment now? No more western union or money wires? Thank You
Message me anytime I?ll try to help as much as I can I?ve been on this board since 2009 my old handle was Kirk b This is my new handle KLB215
Hey bro,
Old customer here... I usually order from "Alex" but havent been getting replys. Trying to get 100g of raw test enanthate. Any help or contact info is appreciated
Looking to order a few HCG. Do you have US domestic or is it international from India? If it's international how is the seizure rate to the West Coast? And also I see you have lots of sale going in here and there. Since Black Friday is coming soon, will you be having any sale?
Thanks for the friend request. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
Hi I have not used monster labs before and saw where u posted u can give significant discount to first time buyer! need to order soon for me and a few friends what kind of discount can you offer?
I just received another supply of test cyp. From your company ,Monster. The people there are very kind and considerate. Thanks to all of you. morphias.
I'm asking if you have any lab results for your gear. I've been on your gear for two weeks now and it seems like there is nothing there.

Can you please change my name from "PharmacomRep " to " PharmaComStore Rep " ?

thank you

I appreciate the feed back. As I noted cutting or losing weight primarily is about calories. You macros (percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and fat) play a secondary rule.

The Twinkie Diet that Mark Haub, MS Nutritionist at Kansas State, did was to cut weight/body fat while eating junk food. Haub did that to demonstrated to his class the calories are the primary key. Haub lost 27 lbs and decreased his body fat percentage. However, Haub went on to state the he does not recommend the Twinkie Diet.

To gain or lose weight you first need to know how much you are consuming. Once you determine you average daily intake; either decrease the calories to cut fat/body weight or increases it to gain body weight.

By determining you daily calorie intake, you know how many calorie it take to keep you at the same weight. You then either decrease or increase you calorie intake, dependent n your objective.

Kenny Croxdale
Hi triple. This is morphias on ironmag. I have purchased products from your company since you came online. I need to order at least six test. Can you help ,please. My email is morphias @kept private .com Thank you sir.
Johnny it's Mike. It's been a long time man...I owe you an apology and would like a chance to make right. I never ever meant for what happened to happen. The last 6yrs have been a nightmare with me fucking up huge with the drugs. I wound up suicidal not too long after we spoke last. Wound up losing everything. Job, place, both parents passed, wound up in NYC on the streets for almost 2yrs. I'm good now. Got clean this past Sep, moved to west Pa with an old ex, found a killer job, getting into the Steel Workers Union soon. Life's good. Hope all's well with you and you're still training. I'm just getting back into it, hopefully irdering some gear by Apr. I'd like to send you whatever it was I was supposed to remail to you from Z. Honesty I don't even remember what it was or how many bottles. I was really messed up. Not an excuse I know...