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    GD T400 labs

    WOW so gLAD to see this thread i am also using foremeron 2x a day now but i dont need labs to tell me that foremeron does not work on me either as my gyno is as big as every and painful, i will do labs this weekend on my e2 only as i know my test is working fine , I tried to giive it some time...

    Three in One ... "Mh Hm"

    your a lUCKY man VB

    Tren is the boogeyman of AAS - nope!

    YO boys sry been busy with work and vaction so im kinda back lol, and i too am a big fan of tren E :winkfinger: , i too love the fat loss, vascularity and strength but ive learned to keep the dose in check with minimal sides at 200 to 300 wk along with my test half i start at week 9 of a 16...

    Tell me about your NPP vs deca experience

    WOW npp gets out real quick , just may try this next cycle especially if it keeps u leaner , is it the same mg to mg

    Hgh sale

    Best bluetop hgh out there

    Tell me about your NPP vs deca experience

    Does npp do the same for the joints as deca , if yess ill deff try it next time or order . im running a low dose of sust and deca , 1 cc each per week and also running hgh , my joints and shoulder feeling great im dieting and leaning out and bench is way up already, im in week 4 and people in...

    Touch down today

    Funny thing is china is usually really fast but im glad you got your touchdown and enjoy your goodies and its deff quality because its been tesed by so many , but know its ok to ask questions and vent but as in everything in life there is a way to do it but things dont always work out . Dont...

    Touch down today

    funny right VB

    What a joke...

    RYAN ive seen you do this over and over since ive seen you on this forum . You praise Z like a rep but as soon as things dont go perfect you bitch on the threads over and over you even take pm's from others to discuss your displeasure but then u get some good words and your gear comes in and...

    What a joke...

    RYAN you do this since ive seen you on this forum you start by praising then when things dont go your way you bitch over and over then you get some good wordS or your gear comes in and you say " your sry , i might have over reacted " then youll praise z again youve done this a few time . ENUFF...

    Injections with a Slin pin.

    Dammm u drawing with an 18 must be a mother fucker to push that oil out of there

    What a joke...

    BRO i waited 3 months and never doubted Z and im deff a loyal customer , and if OD is working with you thats it your dealing with the best but all the reps are good , remember they can only do whats possible within there means and if this is a mail or a fed thing well its out of there control...

    Z's Blue Tops - Test Results - Good!

    Already knew they were good i tested also ,but more testing is always good , Enjoy REPO


    I got some extras too and a double re-send , i luv Z in the manlyest kinda way sry i didnt post a pic i still could and VE i got viagras too because i tried a friends cialis and it was bunk to me but tried this viagra and its good shit and tiny . let me know about the cialis , i think it...

    Coming off

    Good luck VE , just a small detour have thoses kids and then go back on , i have twins from my ivf and im done with the kids , to old old for more lol .let me know if u need info . all u guy coming off and summer around the corner im 3 weeks in of a 16 week , got all my Z gear and his viagra...