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to place an order or get an updated list, please set up a proton mail account or use a secure email address (not yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.) - proton mail does not like unsecure email addresses. our email address is inquiry@dyel.info
Dear Members,

For reasons independent on us, we had to change the domain of our website from .WS to .SE. So the new website address is:

OSGEAR.SE is the official store and the only valid link to our website.

Let us be your trusted source!

OSGear Team
I'm having trouble logging in and using my account on http://www.puritysourcelabs.ru/ The site sometimes doesn't even work. I have an order in and need support. What do you recomend?
Please clear your cache and cookies and restart your device, and/or try using a different search engine.We suggest DuckDuckGo
If this does not work we suggest the following Download a VPN and connect to a different region outside of the US with your web host. You can download a user friendly VPN for just about every platform. Some VPNs are free, others have a small monthly fee.
Thanks! This worked!