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    Where Were Their Fathers?

    Don't lose your head over diversity.
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    Where Were Their Fathers?

    Two more idiots have been given the joy of diversity. We are all the same. :loser:
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    The Witch's Aria, Mary Bewitch

    Beautiful song, fantastic singer.
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    .. Roy Moore: America Was 'Great' During 'Slavery' ..

    https://nationalvanguard.org/2018/01/jews-use-pedophilia-for-profit-and-to-own-control-and-destroy-the-powerful/ Jews Use Pedophilia for Profit and to Own, Control, and Destroy the Powerful[/LEFT] [/FONT][/COLOR] [/LEFT]
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    Proud Feminist Wallows In Loneliness & Cat Urine

    Starts at 2:42 This proud anti-American feminist has it all: the right career, is a Zionist, the right lifestyle, and the right politics. So why is she spending Christmas Eve surrounded in misery and animal waste? Bottom line is she is a terrible and abusive mother.
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    We The People Will Fund The Wall

    The Uni-party has opposed the wall and have forced open boarders since 1965. If you do not know what the uni-party is or the importance of 1965 you are an uneducated simpleton, a slave.
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    We are in the new Dark Agers

    Communists/Democraps hate science, they have only one goal. The destruction of the family.
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    South Africa Begins The Purge

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    Bird Box Is An Attack On Whites