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    How raising taxes on the rich brings down inflation?

    She must of been one of the vote for me add ons [emoji81][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81][emoji81]
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    TikTok Star Says She Needed Surgery After Losing Vibrator in Butt

    What's that old position where u punch her in the gut and ram it up her ass. She needed same thing minus the dick. She would of farted it out like a Ukraine Stinger
  3. jolter604

    QAnon conspiracy theorists say Gabby Petito was an 'actress' and a 'false flag'

    There was the woman in San Diego also still missing. Then the lizard surfer kid killer And the blm attacks a restaurant after three black woman assault a worker they picked the place.
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    Next Lockdown

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    BUST- Bad News for AAS and RC

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    PORN gifs

    I am at gym and there bumping 2pac and it. Looked like she was jerking to the beat hahahahhaha
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    PORN gifs

    Man I would of did shit But my tongue would fell out
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    Sex Ed

    Wait until you here the new sex Ed class they give kids in cali. If you want a sex change it's OK own it hahahaha Where all doomed
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    Kamala Harris Uses Bible Reference to Push Vaccine

    Just saw this one on the gram
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    Kamala Harris Uses Bible Reference to Push Vaccine

    What bible verse does she use for pro abortion [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji12][emoji12]
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    PORN gifs

    I just blew a load and this got my interest. Being a man is difficult hahahah
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    PORN gifs

    Loving this
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    Prison sex not so bad?

    Man I tell you. When I was in prison every time a new woman came to the wreck desk and showers were on they would sit and sip on a water or Gatorade. Just straight up watch us scrubbing our balls looking at her every couple seconds. Well not all the ones who wore baggy pants and no makeup did...
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    PORN gifs

    Think it made her squirt out the ass hahaah