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    Asewsome Uncle Z Sale

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    Asewsome Uncle Z Sale

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    Proviron (Mesterolone)

    I've run Proviron up to 150mg in the past and I'm telling you it's one of those things that just gets better and better with higher doses. 50mg is great for the mood, libido, and working synergistically with other steroids to boost their performance. 150mg I started seeing actual physical...
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    Why should I use Bacteriostatic water???

    What about sodium chloride solution for injection? When should that be used?
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    Benefits of DHEA - The Master Hormone

    DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is what I refer to as a "Master Hormone". It's a precursor or pro-hormone to many other sex hormones in the body. It can convert into; Testosterone, Estrogen, DHT, Progesterone, Androstenedione, etc. That's why it's great because if your body senses anything off...
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    Dianabol's euphoric/antidepressant properties explained.

    You often hear people (myself included) claim that Dianabol has euphoric/antidepressant properties. I know when I take Dbol I definitely feel a mood-lifting sensation. But why does Dbol have such a pronounced effect on well-being compared to other AAS? Well, here's why. When you take any AAS...
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    If I'm not mistaken PT-141 is very closely related to Melanotan 2 (MTII) and works in similar ways minus the tanning part. Many people say they get frequent erections when using MTII so I'd imagine PT-141 is a modified version of that which isolates the sexual performance properties without the...
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    GHRP-6 vs GHRP-2 vs Ipamorelin - COMPARISON

    Ok so if anyone here actually reads my posts and pays any attention to me you'd likely know that within the last couple years I've experimented in transitioning from HGH to GHRH administration. I did it for 2 reasons....cost, and experimentation. This has led me to read up on different GHRH...
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    Gold Line TRT Plus

    Masteron is the ultimate "feel good/feel young" compound. Such a great addition to a TRT regimen to keep the libido and well-being feeling up.
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    Gained 25 lbs in 8 weeks on 250mg EP Deca

    Awesome yet very unexpected lol. I was feeling a little burnt out so I decided there was no need to continue running higher doses so I dropped the primo completely and dropped the test to 250/week and added 250/week of Deca thinking I would just kinds coast for a bit. Definitely won't complain...
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    Gained 25 lbs in 8 weeks on 250mg EP Deca

    Been keeping the doses low-moderate for a while. Was recently on 500mg Test and 400mg Primo. Was coasting around 225lbs for several months and seeing some decent improvements in body composition. Then I decided to sort of take a little "break" (or so I thought) so I dropped the test down to...
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    I consider myself somewhat of a SARMS pioneer as I had chances to try a lot of SARMS early on before a lot of them were released. I know there's so many out there now but I'm a bit old fashioned and fancy a good ol' Osta + S4 stack. Always had awesome results.
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    Why Cialis is superior for pumps over other PDE5 inhibitors

    I'll put this in complete layman's terms...or try to at least. We're all familiar with PDE5 inhibitors. They are most commonly used for erectile disfunction. The big names are Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), Levitra (vardenafil), and Stendra (avanafil). The way they work is by...
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    Insulin Resistance

    Extremely valuable info here.
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    Unclez.ru Back to School Sale

    Now you don't have to feel guilty for buying yourself a fall bulk cycle instead of notebooks for little Johnny...you can have both!