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    Road to the Classic Physique Npc Nationals

    My Samson DVD?s have arrived. As always communication was excellent and everything arrived lightning quick. The pack was very professional and discreet. A1 service from day 1 until now, I?m going to start calling this guy mr. consistency. For my total body transformation I will be solely using a...
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    One of the most underrated AAS out there. Personally I love it. I just picked up some from Samson supplies by Jenapharm. I have amazing results when running these at 50mg for 10-12 weeks. I will be doing a cycle log in the upcoming weeks running Samson var/Winny/drol to cut up. Stay tuned.
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    Primobolan~methenolone acetate

    Samson supplies primo is top notch. I used it a couple years ago and the quality gains was like nothing I?ve ever expressed because it was so clean with no sides at all. I will be running some again in the spring/summer and logging my results for y?all to see. But yea if you want some real deal...
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    If you take too much it will. You system will become so toxic that your appetite will dwindle down. Good drol you won?t need anymore then 50mg. Samson supplies has some of the strongest drol I?ve ever run. Super high doses like 150-200mg can definitely affect appetite. 50mg you should be fine...
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    Returning to the stage

    Thanks for all the warm welcome guys
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    I have been using Samson for close to decade now and can say without a doubt that he is one of the best around. From day one my experience with him has been excellent....very responsive..very friendly...fast delivery....great products and great customer service. I compete in the npc and have...
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    BAM15, the 'light' version of DNP

    This stuff sounds really promising. I tried dnp once before and it really was a miracle Fat loss drug. Terrible sides like almost unbearable but loved it.
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    New but not really

    Welcome bro
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    Returning to the stage

    Hey guys how?s everyone. I?m new here and looking forward to getting to know everyone and exchange knowledge. I?m a former npc superheavy open competitor. I won a few local and regional shows and was hoping to turn pro. I actually used to train with Shawn Rhoden in Maryland and was actually...