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  1. OTG85

    Stepping down

    Hey guy's I just want to say thanks for all the support to Uncle Z over the year's. He's been really good to me and I've been loyal for over 15 year's as a rep. I've made the choice to step down as I've accepted a work position that's going to take all my time and effort. It's not fair to Z or...
  2. OTG85

    Unclez.ru Back to School Sale

    We know it's tuff with buying all the kiddos, or maybe even your own back to school supplies with inflation, and all the other BS happening in the world. We want to show our gratitude and offer a 20% off sale on the international line up(30% off with BTC order's). Starting today and until the...
  3. OTG85

    We have winstrol and TNE in oil now

    Night and day difference
  4. OTG85

    Pre-Competition Cycle

    This is crucial info that guy's will pay big $$$ for, but Push is sharing for free. Big props to Push50.
  5. OTG85

    We have winstrol and TNE in oil now

    No more painful injections from water based products, and no more lumps. IMHO oil carriers are the way to go for TNE & Winny. Definitely a game changer! Check these products out at www.unclez.ru I have had terrible reactions to water based winstrol over the year's especially back in the vet...
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    Prefer Masteron at high doses? Why not run Masteron Enanthate?

    Masteron is a game changer for me especially when I get my bf low enough which is a struggle these day's. Even at moderate doses at higher bf I have great libido increases. I can recomp better on it as well even at low doses. I need to ramp it up once to see what it can do at higher dosages as...
  7. OTG85

    How Injectable Glutathione (TAD-600) Works in the Body (Anti-Aging)

    I love tad and when I got covid I injected the fuck out of it and I was sick for 4 day's with delta. Definitely works well 👌
  8. OTG85

    Equipoise (EQ)

    I usually run it at 400mg ew with 500mg of sust ew. I always use sust with eq to switch things up. I love eq and it's always worked well for me even at 250mg before. The only issue is it takes 6 week's to kick in.
  9. OTG85

    Equipoise (EQ)

    I love EQ!! I absolutely love the way it fills me out and works it's magic. I don't like the 6 week kick in time but when I run EQ it's for month’s on end anyway so that doesn't bother me.
  10. OTG85

    HGH Dual chamber price slash (5 day's only)

    Eurotropin HGH - 191aa etc - ( 40 I.U dual chamber ) Supplier: Euro-pharmacies,Europe Chemical Name:Somatropinum Comes In: 40IU dual chamber (13.2mg) & 1 ml water solution Dosage: Men 2-6IU total daily Active time: Varies by injection method Class:Growth Hormone SHIPPING FROM EUROPE...
  11. OTG85

    Adding winny to the mix

    I have to see my family Dr for labs this month as well. I've been eating nac and liv52 like skittles and back to 150mg each week. I actually feel great after that m1t got out my system. Still held on to all the strength
  12. OTG85

    Fifty shades of fucked up Log

    What a fag jk bro
  13. OTG85

    Masteron 101

    Masteron is primarily used to give your muscle a granite hard, grainy look to them that no other steroid can duplicate. I really would categorize Masteron as a pre-contest drug. Masteron is not very effective unless you’re already very lean. It’s not the type of compound you want to take if...
  14. OTG85

    Latest TDizzle from UncleZizzle

    What a nice haul. That would last me all year.
  15. OTG85

    Buy 5 get one for free [any service]

    You heard it right ✅️ If you buy 5 oil's you'll get one on the house. We know times are tougher than ever so we want to do what we can to save you money here, and there. Buy 5 vials, and you can choose one free that’s equal to or less in value than the cheapest of the two you paid for. Another...