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  1. kweichangcaine

    250 lb Bodybuilder submitted by 150 lb dude

    :dont:OK, I guess we get the girls and looks from people, but, I suppose we are all pussys, at least using this video as a gauge. Learn to fight. LiveLeak.com - 150lb Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Vs. 250lb Body Builder
  2. T

    6 weeks cycle before pro fight

    Hi everyone, MY next big fight is scheduled to 6 weeks from now. Training is gonna be tough and I'm considering a little cycle through this training period. I need something to help the body recover (I train twice a day), and prolong the fatigue period as much as possible. And it cannot be...
  3. awhites1

    Roger Huerta former UFC Streetfight

    Check it out...hope the link goes to the video ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Celebrity Video | TMZ.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Street fight in Austin TX :paddle: Roger Huerta little light weight bad...