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  2. A

    NEW MEMBER ALERT! Mini Bio Included!

    Hey guys, I'm excited to have newly joined the forum! I am an up and coming bodybuilder, 24 years old... I have done a few test cycles, have found some bunk gear and have had some very good gear. I have messed around with some other things such as prohormones, dbol, and some natural test...
  3. NightWolf

    *Possible* Alternative First Cycle, NPP, PROP, HGH?

    I just wrote another post about my first cycle (waiting moderator approval), which is more along HeavyIron's "First Cycle and PCT" post, and I mentioned the possibility of NPP - which is more what this is about. My source has suggested the below protocol. 12 Week Cycle: 400mg NPP / week...
  4. N

    Deca Epistane Only Cycle NO TEST

    Hi guys, So I'm outta test but have a bottle of NPP (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate). I have a few bottles of epistane. I know all of you will say just get test, but the process of obtaining it always freaks me out, and money is tight...would love to use what I currently have. I don't drink, take...
  5. P

    Cycle Advice NEEDED!!!

    25 195 and 10% body fat Been training for a couple years consistently I have 4 cycles under my belt (I have ran tren higher than test before with no sides) My goal is to gain as much mass as possible while remaining lean and maybe even dropping to at least 8% body fat Week 1-6th (Reload)...
  6. P

    What do you guys think about my next cycle?

    What do you bros think would the best cycle in terms of results? I know the diet is the most important, training, then gear. I don't need any trolls or counselors just some good honest people who are trying to help. Looking for some honest feedback only, i have my diet and training on check. I...