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    * Sarms * 3 for $99 FLASH SALE - Ends Sun 1/31 @ GYMnTONIC Suppz

    www.gymntonic.com "]View this email in your browser CLICK HERE - GYMnTONIC Supplement's HomePage 3 for $99 Flash Sale! Purchase any 3 Sarms (Mix and Match) is fine and get 3 for $99 +SH NO COUPON REQUIRED = SIMPLY ADD TO CART Want more then 3? Not a problem! Buy...

    MK677 for $33

    M??????????????K???????6????????????????7???????????*????7?????*??????? ???????????f??????????????????o???????????r???????????? ??????????????????$??????????3????????????????3???????????? $33 a bottle Purchase MK677 NOW...
  3. S

    homebrew technique purifying rice sarms

    spermetogenesis is fine if you want babies and to be a romantic but a lot of people including myself want an anabolic or sarm without the mysterious odiferous molecules that make you want to hump a picture on your computer or worse purification technique using brown rice tincture (TEST FOR...
  4. S

    sarm power 101 how to tweak dhea to be a powerful & dif anabolic

    FOR INFROMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY TOO MUCH CAN CAUSE HEART ATTACK I DON'T KNOW THE DOSAGE WHICH IS DEPENDENT ON YOUR SIZE AND BLOOD CHEMISTRY. This is a cool experiment working with DHEA what you need 1. medium sized pot 2. 3 caps dhea 50mg or 5g dhea powder 3. 1 rounded tspn baking soda 4...
  5. D

    Ligandrol has positive effects on sex drive

    Ligandrol, is a SARM that has been shown to have positive effects on muscle building, body recomposition, sex drive, and bone density. selective for muscle and bone cells, largely ignoring prostate or sebaceous cells. Ligandrol is expected to produce the therapeutic benefits of testosterone with...
  6. J

    Ostarine with an "E" - This SARM a knock off?

    Hey gents looking for some advice here, I just purchased this bottle of 90 capsule ostErine (MK-2866) from a local supp shop. It's from Bio-Gen innovations which I believe is a new company. Not only is the difference in spelling of ostarine bugging me out but the dosage and contents of...
  7. A

    EXPIRED Ostarine pill SARM

    hey guys just wondering if my ostarine is still good. its by elite labs and expired this january. thanks! i plan on running it pct so in about 10 weeks.
  8. I

    Ostarine sarms

    Does anyone know if Man Power Ostarine tablets are legit? Anyone have any experience with them? Please Share any info!!!
  9. Gamer2be08

    My SarmsSearch OSTA SARM PCT journal!!!

    Took my first dose of SS Osta today because it takes about a week to kick in: 12.5mg Tastes like burnt cement glue ROFL. I started osta now so that once PCT starts it will be fully kicked in and 0 gains should be lost as Osta is a non suppressive anabolic research chemical! Will increase dose...