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  1. S

    New Member - AY still around?

    Hi all bodybuilders and aspiring fitness elites, New member here and was reading through all the discussions and forum, and kept bumping into AY. I hear great things from her, but can not seem to find a contact. Is she still around? Sorry if I'm not supposed to post that question here...
  2. Demonknight

    Need some help guys... Triptorelin experience....source.... Low T after bloods

    TRIPTORELIN GNRH feed back please.... Need some help guys. Anyone try GnRH (TRIPTORELIN) alone and get bloods? Still crashed out after my last 6 week tren ace/test prop cycle 4.5 months ago.. Bloods came back at 186 test, Endo checked my nuts with ultrasound, and I had a semen analysis...
  3. jozifp103


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