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  • Alles,

    I appreciate the feed back. As I noted cutting or losing weight primarily is about calories. You macros (percentage of carbohydrates, proteins and fat) play a secondary rule.

    The Twinkie Diet that Mark Haub, MS Nutritionist at Kansas State, did was to cut weight/body fat while eating junk food. Haub did that to demonstrated to his class the calories are the primary key. Haub lost 27 lbs and decreased his body fat percentage. However, Haub went on to state the he does not recommend the Twinkie Diet.

    To gain or lose weight you first need to know how much you are consuming. Once you determine you average daily intake; either decrease the calories to cut fat/body weight or increases it to gain body weight.

    By determining you daily calorie intake, you know how many calorie it take to keep you at the same weight. You then either decrease or increase you calorie intake, dependent n your objective.

    Kenny Croxdale
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