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  • Damn brother am sorry just got your message.. I haven't been on hear in a few... Naw man the top color is just people preference green ,gray ,blue as long as the purity is the same doesn't matter what color the top is.. I have found the name brand stuff to be a little stronger.. Paxton stuff is good but if it just said HGH on it then it's all generic that's what I have been taking for years just more Aforable. . The longest you can stay on it the better.. If your have to go out of the country I would not start until I got back ,its very sensitive ,you want to be very anla about taking it the same time everyday and staying on track... Just save up where you can take it 7 days a week 6 month's plus ...Just let me know if I can help in anyway. Sorry it took me so long to get back with u I'll stay a little more on toP of it.
    BigJH... didn't want to ask this question out in forum but is paxtons greys the same as everyone else greys? He seems helpful on my questions. Do all greys come from same manufacturer and different sources distribute them? I'm just trying to protect myself from fakes and scams. Being new to gh I would probably not know by seeing them it was bunk. Any help would be appreciated. Also., how long is a good run on gh? 2 3 4 months? Sorry, one other question. If I was to be going out of the country for 1 week on vaca after using gh for a couple of months. Will not using it for a week set me way back or have to start over. Again sorry for so many questions. I just want to make sure this is going to work for me. Thanks again bro.
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