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    haha yeah i feel much better now that the doc gave me steroids (not anabolic obviously :( ) now just easing back into daily life then i would love to be back in the gym in 2-3 weeks.
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    How to pass a piss test.

    yeah their tricky ph levels if its diluted or too hydrated its really fucked up w.e weed will be legal within the next 5 years or so
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    I never had it always got lucky like i can't even pin point where I could of received it from stretches back from 4-6 weeks gym water fountain or idk
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    Ugh Monogamy....

    I think your fucking bitches unless your talking about fucking 24 times a day then I'm sorry #SUPERCUNT
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    I have mono and haven't been in the gym in 2 months, i am now frail and depressed all my hard work for my summer psychic is all ruined. No joke I lost 25lbs of muscle. Had 101-104 degree fevers for 10 days now I'm on prednisone 20mg and all i do is have night sweats fucking Tren never have me...
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    Should men ever hit women

    if she hits you once okay let it go but if the bitch is rocking you good and its hurting...deck the hoe. simple the worst part about doing that is you know that someone will only see you hit her and not the full thing lol oh well put bitches in their place
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    Negging non steroid users

    fuckin pussies
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    Good Excuses

    its not a company :coffee: anyway i sent a email I'm saying I'm probably not considered for the job even though to bring in a new person they would have to do a drug test on them so why not pick the already qualified person. My buddy did the job for a year before getting laid off and he smoked...
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    Good Excuses

    just smoking weed thats it but i just dipped out figured rather have it left as a question mark rather than say i failed
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    Good Excuses

    Okay I need help with a good excuse. I was at the last stage to get hired and i knew their would be a drug test but they said we would pick appointments to go to a doctor and get a little more done than a physical including bloodwork, (so i thought thats where the drug test would obviously be...
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    Q & A with John Connor Expert AAS advisor

    How does this cycle sound Week 1-12 Test E 750mg/wk Week 1-10 Deca 250mg/wk Week 1-4 dbol 50mg ED Week 8-12 Winstrol 50mg ED Letro .5+ ED working way up to 2.5 ED Pct clomid 300mg day 1, 100mg day 2-14, 50mg after
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    Anybody here find out they're an introvert?

    Intj others are gay rhyme for the day Sent from my SGH-T959 using Tapatalk
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    Age to start AAS

    time on = time off if you want to cheat that rule its 6 weeks off really but i wouldn't cheat with it
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    Hard to find a man?!

    that could be gyno we need to see vagina to confirm
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    Q & A with PJ Braun NPC National Bodybuilder Competitor

    0F0VEh_xYeo Who is the scrawny kid in the back ground when its not playing? And why is he there