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  • HAHHA Thanks big bro!!! I changed the red for you guys lol, I guess it wasn't that bright on my pc screen. But hell ya bro in the next 2-3 months we will have me thick as fuck, ripped to shreads and ready for that WIN!!!:winkfinger:
    looking good dave , we got the chest done, all will see the thickness in 2 months!!!!!! and dave turn this bright orange or red down, does it come w/ batteries big guy lmfao!
    Thanks Persian lol, same to you brother!!! New Avi looking sick, looks about time for you to compete.:winkfinger:
    Thank you bro.. this red is some bright shit brother lmao.. I feel like im blind when im typing this.. BIG DAV!! Your a big guy brother. Can't wait to see you taking em down on stage bro :flex:
    Hey Brother, hope all is well. Just stopping in to say hello and hope that you have a Merry Christmas!!!
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