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    NFL Future In Doubt?

    The last boy scout. Loved that movie.
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    a sad day

    K20a ring a bell?
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    a sad day

    Nikos. Man that name is familiar from another forum. You drive Honda's?
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    Need legit Accutane ASAP

    That's what it means. Can probably get away with .5ml and run it 160 days.
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    Cant blow my load

    What do you think the correlation is? Running prami or caber with it?
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    My second cycle: Super DMZ stacks with Testosterone propionate

    Very nice city. You've come a long way.
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    Stay away from Oxtail

    Braised ox tail is yummy
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    So, this "Built", who IS she?

    Welcome back built. You were missed.
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    rock pic thread:)

    He's on a bulk...duh.
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    American Priorities

    So its just random misinformation. I can live with that.
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    American Priorities

    Please elaborate on this fine theory of yours. Learn me with your vast knowledge of economics and accounting.
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    rock pic thread:)

    I want a little captn in me.
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    American Priorities

    I grew up poor eating nothing but top ramen on a weekly basis. I went to school, got a degree, make decent money, and hope that the average person doesnt have to go through what I did as a child. I ask for nothing in return.
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    American Priorities

    You have my respect sir. I helped organize 700lbs of food including a few hundred lbs of turkey.