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  • Hi I have not used monster labs before and saw where u posted u can give significant discount to first time buyer! need to order soon for me and a few friends what kind of discount can you offer?
    I just received another supply of test cyp. From your company ,Monster. The people there are very kind and considerate. Thanks to all of you. morphias.
    Hi triple. This is morphias on ironmag. I have purchased products from your company since you came online. I need to order at least six test. Can you help ,please. My email is morphias @kept private .com Thank you sir.
    Tha k you for helping with my order . i hope to get it fairly soon . I am getting pms about monster labs and of course I recommend the products, kindness and understanding your company provides. I hope your company does very well and is here to stay permanently. Take care and thank you very much!
    Forget the money. I just got a message and it was reduced to 441$ . But they still want a picture of WU transaction. I ready to go to the store right now and send the money. Please help with the picture thing . I am going to purchase HCG next month. I am a good customer just an idiot about some things.
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