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  1. G

    Melanotan 2- am I dosing correctly?

    I'm on day 7. I see no difference per say. Just a freckle next to my lip. I purchased it from Melanotan 2 USA dot com and it is a 10mg vile. I loaded it with 100 units of BS water. Days 1-4 I injected 5 units. Days 5-7 I injected 10 units. On day 3 I went tanning for 7 min. In a standup that...
  2. J

    Buy For One Month HCG Drop Kit with B12

    ​FLHCG provide best quality of vitamin and HCG products direct to consumer. All products are compounded in a licensed sterile compounding pharmacy in Florida. Please call us at 855-218-9577 to purchase.
  3. J

    Buy B12 Shots Cyanocobalamin - 10ml

    B12 shots cyanocobalamin and HCG supplies by USHCGshots. The highest quality supplies for a secure and effective HCG food regimen protocol. Please call us at 855-862-9510.
  4. M

    Your wish list STACK???

    What Research Chems/Peptides Stacks would you like to see logged?
  5. blergs.

    Why peptides you use should be from a recombinant DNA source and not a (*MUST READ*)

    Why peptides you use should be from a recombinant DNA source and not a chemically synthesized source I want to bring something up about peptides and peptide quality. I see many people going the cheap route but there is a reason that they may be simply wasting their money. That is why I wanted...
  6. P

    Obestatin: muscle regenerative, proliferator, and hypertrophic!

    Hey guys I have been researching a peptide by the name of Obestatin and it has turned out to be a hell of a compound. I would compare its overall effects to a combination of Low dose HGH, Thymosin Beta, and HCG! It's a shorter peptide so it should be easy to synthesize at a reasonable cost. I...
  7. Dannie

    TB- 500 ( peptide ) - Abscess / Lump

    About 40 hours ago I've had my 17th injection of TB 500. 2mg of TB-500 was premixed with 0.5ml of bac water, left to dissolve for about 4 hours and then loaded into a 12mm insulin syringe and injected into my lower quad. Today while taking a shower I have noticed a biggest post injection lump...
  8. L

    Trh precusor peptide

    Hi guys Trh precusor peptide or also called TRH-Gly or TRH-Glycine, is a truly great peptide for HPTA support. LabPe had it for $45. for 5mg and recently raised the price to $90. for 5mg. It's also available for varying prices from other labs. Direct Trh, not involving the precusor peptide...
  9. LabpeRep

    CJC-1295, as low as $12 per vial, New Batch, 98.14% purity,report included

    we are running a special of CJC-1295 without DAC 2mg, as low as $12 per vial, New Batch, 98.14% purity At Labpe, we quality control every batch of our products and make sure that only the top notch peptides are sold. Checkout our MS and HPLC Reports BATCH PURITY MS REPORT HPLC...
  10. D

    MGF w CJC or GHRP?

    Okay say one is going to research w MGF. Would it be better suited w/ cjc w out the dac, or just GHRP 2? Goals: Muscle recovery Aid in size Aid in bulk( not looking lose fat ) Based on goals....what do you think would be best. Also, I could just do MGF seperate for 4 weeks and then do one of the...