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    bf issue on test prop/masteron

    First off sorry if this is in the wrong spot, new to the forum. I am running 1cc test 1cc mast eod for around 5 weeks now and my gains are great but im gaining in my stomach/oblique area.. seems like bloat but its aggrivating because my diet is on point and im doing slow paced cardio 4-5 days a...
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    How LOW can i reduce my caloric intake while cutting on Test & Tren??

    24 yrs old. 215 LB's.. about 18% bf...looking to get to around 10% How low can i reduce my calories for an extreme cut, not to worried about putting on mass. looking to maintain and lose bf i am currently eating around 2,300 to 2,500 cal per day, how low can i drop it to when i start my cycle...
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    Cycle Advice NEEDED!!!

    25 195 and 10% body fat Been training for a couple years consistently I have 4 cycles under my belt (I have ran tren higher than test before with no sides) My goal is to gain as much mass as possible while remaining lean and maybe even dropping to at least 8% body fat Week 1-6th (Reload)...
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    What do you guys think about my next cycle?

    What do you bros think would the best cycle in terms of results? I know the diet is the most important, training, then gear. I don't need any trolls or counselors just some good honest people who are trying to help. Looking for some honest feedback only, i have my diet and training on check. I...