7Things anyone can learn from a body builder


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Jul 18, 2012
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Mens Journal has an article that say there are 7 things anybody can learn from a body builder.

1. Train in phase
2. Apply constant tension to the weights
3. Cardio Year Round
4. Drop Sets are the key
5. Organize your diet
6. Protein Powder
7. Take progress photos

What do you guys think? How many of the do you follow?
Training in phases! I guess I do if you consider fat to fit.
I know myself, I do use tension in my reps but mostly when I work arms and back.
Very seldom do I do drop sets.
My diet is on point for my goals 90% if the time.
I used to use protein powders all the time. I have been moving away from the and trying to get my protein from my foods.
I always have before and after a. I can even show my pic when I first started around 12 years ago.


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