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ACE, NASM, ISSA pers training cert


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Jul 12, 2010
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i forgot how expensive it is to go directly thru the companies for materials and then the exam...i'm seeing alot of good deals on ebay...do these organizations allow you to only pay for the exam? or do you actually have to buy most of the stuff from them?

i've been doing online coaching and in person personalized diets and training for years now and never bothered to get certified...now that i'm moving and keeping options for work open, i'm thinking this is a good investment (cheaper on ebay plus paying exam fee versus buying everything from the organization
I think it actually comes out to about the same price if you get the stuff from them. I got hooked up when my wife was getting her BA in atheletic training. NASM sent us all the personal training stuff with the prepaid test form, when we contacted them told them she was an athletic training not a personal trainer they sent us that stuff so we got both material and tests for the price of one.