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FIXING CRASHED GEAR (PSL customers please read)


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Aug 20, 2013
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IML Gear Cream!
Below is a pic displaying crashed gear that was corrected by myself using the method suggested below..

This thread is an attempt to better educate people in this lifestyle that are unfamiliar with crashed gear and for those that may have recently received some products via mail that arrived appearing crystalized or even foggy.

There is many misconceptions that float around suggesting that the product is sub-par and not good, for the moment this is true.
However, there is hope and this can be corrected using a very simple and easy method to remelt/reconstitute the parenting hormone back into the carrier oil using a heating process via stove or hot water.

What causes this to happen? In most cases this is due to cold weather and extreme temperature changes during shipping in the winter months. This is a good reason why it's highly suggested to purchase the compounds you need ahead of the predicted cold season, depending on your geographical location or shipping dispensary.
In other rare cases it could be due to lack of solvents that are added for stability with holding the parenting hormone in it's melted position.

FYI: This even happens with pharmaceutical testosterone cypionate, as a consequence of shipping/transportation to pharmaceutical dispensaries in cold weather. News letters have been made for customers provided by these pharma corps advising the recipient on how to correct this or get a replacement if needed. This is NOT out of the ordinary or unusual for hormones to crash!

How to correct this for safe use and administration?

1) This is simple, basically what is required is to remelt/reconstitute the parenting hormone into the carrier oil (heating process via stove or hot water)
You will need a small saucer pan or pot, fill with water until you are able to submerge the vial slightly under the neck (80%).

2) Bring water to a boil and place the vial inside the very center. Allow to sit for a few minutes (2 mins), remove and examine, roll the product around and shake if needed to break up the crystals, re-submerge again and repeat this process. If needed, you may vent the vial using a needle tip, despite that I find that it is often very unnecessary (Unless you are keeping the vial submerged for longer durations)

3) Continuously remover the vial and if necessary flick the sides to get the polymers/crystals to release from the interior of the vial walls. You CAN shake slightly aggressively to break up the crystals in order to assist with faster melting and falling back into position.

Notes: Testosterone cypionate, 1-Testosterone Cypionate and Stenbolone Acetate all can be extremely sensitive especially with cold weather, the same applies for all other oil base hormones as well, on the other hand some or simple more sensitive than others. A lot of vendors like to keep matters like this swept under the carpet when the reality is this is something that is an unfortunate reality even with pharmaceutical grade products.. It truly does happen more often than not. Addressing the matter with a solution and finding a fix is what's important.

Proper storage - Simple Rules gentleman, always store all of your unused contents away from direct light and avoid extreme climate differences whether hot or cold.. Room temperature is the best setting (65-75 degrees fahrenheit) and avoid exposure to moisture, do NOT store outdoors, in storages places or other areas that may be exposed to sudden temperature changes..

Added bonus read "Gear expiration date"
Just about the majority of medications including anabolic steroids that are injectables and orals all have a relatively long lifespan. The expiration date is something that was implemented by the FDA to basically give a time span for the safe practice and and overstock value which was put into place by the United States military with an investigation back in the mid-70s. Researchers and medical facilities worldwide have conducted multiple tests on numerous medications and found that even decades after expiration dates expired they still possessed almost there full potential in which they were originally labeled at.
However there is exceptions with certain medications that are extremely sensitive and delicate, for this information you would need to research these medications for the sensitivities and shelf life.

For gear to expire or degrade quickly someone would really need to have these compounds in a pretty piss poor environment, such as constant exposure to UV lighting, continuous exposure to hot/cold temperatures, even than the hormone may not degrade significantly but most likely just fall out of its position (crash)..
As said prior when it concerns AAS and the real actual shelf life it can be up to decades exceeding 10 years. (Certain carrier oils do expire faster than others and this will affect the medications shelf life)