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Greens and Negs..


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Mar 13, 2014
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East of the Pacific. West of the Atlantic.
Get Shredded!
To all my fellow members.. and those who exist on or in grey space or within the dark matter that spies our universe ...

I've noticed that ever since they installed these god forsaken "Thanks" buttons, It seems members have all but stopped dishing out greens (when you approve) and negs (when you disapprove)...

I'd love to see us get back to this .. tell a bro what you really think ... then give him some (green) love and approve... or give him some juiced leg kicks to the scrotum (neggs) and disapprove.

For those that are new and don't know how to do this:

Below a members avatar pic.. lower left corner.. you see that symbol that looks like a sheriffs badge... Click on it.

It asks if you approve of this particular members post.. You can approve or disapprove.. and even write a short message to go along with it..

Lets get back to business fellas.. Break time is over.