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TEST EN 250 (Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml)

Anton fire

Nov 8, 2013
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Details: Testosterone enanthate is a complicate ester of testosterone. In medicine is use for treat male lack of testosterone,normal development of sex system and secondary male characteristics; improves hormone balance; hypogonadism;Femalemetastatic mammary cancer.
In bodybuilding (is a steroid) Testosterone Enanthate increases levels of testosterone, adds muscle mass and strength, reduces fat, and helps to escape from joint pains.
TEST EN 250 is a long-acting steroid: its active period is of 2-3 weeks, depending on human metabolism and hormones. In sports such as triathlon, weightlifting and bodybuilding, the injection should be done once a week. This will help maintain a high concentrate of the drug in the blood.
Positive features of TEST EN 250 are:
-Anabolic activity consist one hundred percent of the hormone testosterone
-Androgenic activity also is one hundred percent of the testosterone, but it is a best indicator.
-Aromatization (meaning conversion to estrogen) - index is high; therefore it is necessary to take antiestrogens.
-For liver is perfectly safe.
-The main way is to use injection.
-To detect will take three months.
-The action will take no less than fifteen days.

Possible Cycles:
For a speedy-dial muscle, testosterone enanthate well interact with Nandrolone, Anadrol, Trenbolone and Methandrostenolone.
You can use these types of courses:
-Once a week, 200 mg of Nandrolone
-Once a week, 250 mg of Testosterone Enanthate
-Plus the use of anti-estrogens and gonadotropin
-If you need relief and drying, add a course of Anavar or Winstrol, using their average dosage.

Rule of application of TEST EN 250:
-Is administrating intramuscularly.
-The dosage is appointed by doctor depending on features of the patients, type of disease and medical aspects.
-Usual dose consist of: 250-1000mg of testosterone enanthate;
-Don?t ignore measurement schedule.
-Don?t raise the dose by yourself.
-For sportsmen: 150-200mg.
-Take with or without food.

Negative feedback:
-The main problem that appears applying testosterone enanthate is it ability to aromatization or conversion into estrogen (gynecomastia, fat deposition, oedema, etc).
-Is supressed "hypothalamus - pituitary - testes." and the function of pituitary (reduction of natural secretion of testosterone).
- increased blood pressure, hair loss, acne, aggression.
Any drugs can increase or decrease the effect of Testobol E or to cause any dangerouse side effect: herbal preparations or BAD; corticosteroids or macrolide immunosuppressants because of dangerous response; anticoagulants can lead to bleeding.

Contraindication of TEST EN 250:
-carcinomas of the breast/prostate (recognized or doubted)
-pregnant female (cause virilization of the exterior genitalia of the female fetus)
-reaction to TEST EN 250 ingredients.
-Is not adviceable to be used by women, due of irreversible sign of virilization,
-must be intake carefully by elder persons, heart diseases, kidney dysfunctions, breast cancer, prostate cancer or liver disorders.
-blood level sugar can be change in patients who suffer of diabetes.

Ignored dose:
If you drop your dosage list, talk it to your doctor.

Keeping of TEST EN 250:
Maintain this preparation away from direct sunlight, hydration and reach of children and pets, in a hermetic closed package.
Remember that improper storage of drugs lead to loss of their effectiveness.