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Testosterone replacement therapy for type 2 diabetes?


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Nov 29, 2000
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Testosterone replacement therapy for type 2 diabetes?
In 2018, Chinese researchers showed in a meta-study that testosterone therapy can help control type-2 diabetes. Diabetologists should start using testosterone as a medicine, they concluded. However, we are not yet convinced. We think there is a safer, cheaper and more effective type 2 diabetes remedy.Meta-study
Together with his colleagues, Jianzhong Zhang, of Beijing Union Medical College, collected 8 previously published medical literature studies in which a total of 596 men with type 2 diabetes and low testosterone levels received hormone therapy for 12 to 52 weeks. Most of the time, the men received a testosterone ester injection, but in a few studies, the researchers used testosterone gels or capsules.

In 6 trials, the researchers measured the effect of testosterone administration on insulin sensitivity and calculated the men's HOMA-IR. The higher the HOMA-IR, the lower the sensitivity to insulin. Conversely, the lower the HOMA-IR, the greater the sensitivity to insulin.
Testosterone therapy lowered HOMA-IR by 0.79 points.


The Chinese are content with the effects of testosterone. "We recommend testosterone therapy during the antidiabetic therapy in these patients," they write.Human study
In 2017, researchers at Pusan ​​National University in South Korea published a human study in Clinical and Experimental Hypertension that puts the anti-diabetes effect of testosterone into perspective. [Clin Exp Hypertens. 2017;39(6):546-52.]

The Koreans had obese teenage girls, with pre-stage type-2 diabetes, exercise for half an hour 3 times a week for 12 weeks. Each workout consisted of both strength training and aerobic exercises.
During this period, the girls' HOMA-IR decreased by an average of 1.4 points. Almost double the effect of testosterone in the Chinese meta-study...


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