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They walk among us


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Aug 28, 2015
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Get Shredded!

I just need to discuss the most bizarre case in my practice. A customer, calling himself “not a newbie”, stated he had a reaction (“a red itchy welt” which he had never had before) to the zptropin I sold him.

When asked what he solved the product with, he told me it was water solution part alcohol from South America. I answered that it must be ONLY sterile water without any alcohol. To which he wrote that he had already solved Somatropin (which he purchased somewhere else) with sterile water and had had same swelling, but only because that Somatropin was fake. I told him that it was not my business to know who he had bought his fake from, as I trade only original stuff and why I should listen to his complaints about the product purchased from some other vendor.

Mind you, initially, he tried to pass the swelling after my product as the first in his life, but later it surfaced that he had already got them before.

Then I asked him to show the water he had used. And what, to my amazement, I got? A photo of a supermarket bottle with purified drinking water instead of the sterile water vial!!

And then he calls me a fucking idiot! And trying to tell me that he is “not a newbie”!

Not to mention that he didn’t know where the growth hormone must be injected in. I recommend him to do it subcutaneously in the abdomen.

Do you understand how dangerous it all is? Solving the product with the supermarket water?

I will attach his pics for everyone to see, as for me it is beyond all understanding. How one can be so thick and careless and then write some horror stories at forums?

Or should I explain to a pro (he seemed at first) where to get sterile water and what it is, how to rub the place of the injection with alcohol pad and all these basic stuff for rookies?

But I’m just speechless. Maybe you, guys, have something to say to this “not a newbie”?


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