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    The slower your reps, the more your muscles grow

    I think you misunderstood my point slightly, however I agree with most everything you've said. Would love to debate this in detail with you but time is short. I would like to mention the last point you've made however, being able to perform HIT in its truest form takes months and months of...
  2. Hench

    The slower your reps, the more your muscles grow

    The study obviously has it flaws however based on my own training and that of clients Im inclined to agree with his conclusions, despite the somewhat random loading comparison. I feel more important to optimum growth is the removal of all momentum from the movement as well as the increased...
  3. Hench

    2 Year Transformation

    Sup kniggs! Been a while since Ive been posting regularly round here, life and work have been consuming most of my time for the past year or so. Have started my own company within the health and fitness industry and have been throughly enjoying getting a new business off the ground as well as...
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    come visit Australia!

    Seems legit. How much to fuck a sheep?
  5. Hench

    Saney's log: more handsome then ever

    Question for you boys: If a friend of mine sleeps like a baby while on 350mg of Tren Ace per week is it bunk? Or is he just very lucky.
  6. Hench

    Priming Before Cycle

    Priming is a great idea before any planned surplus period, be it with AAS or without. I understand you are looking for the best diet to achieve this but the honest answer is there is no one size fits all approach. The only constant is the fact you want to reduce carb intake to help improve some...
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    Priming Before Cycle

    Weight? BF%? Training experience? Cycle?
  8. Hench

    The Clean Thread! An AP, SFW, LHJO, Prip, GICH Thread!

    Sup fucksticks. Any of you lads managed to get jacked yet or what? Ill crease if KOS has managed to complete the greatest fucking recomp of all time.
  9. Hench

    US Open Stream

    You guys got any good links to stream the golf?
  10. Hench

    AI of choice for cruise/blast

    Adex is stronger and has a longer half-life than Aromasin.
  11. Hench

    Fuckin read this cruntzzz

    Stop begging me for pics via PM....I know you'll only beat your meat to them.
  12. Hench

    Fuckin read this cruntzzz

    Nobody gives a fuck. :coffee:
  13. Hench

    Neg azza1971 and stfuandliftbtch

    Deal. :coffee:
  14. Hench

    17 years old posing.

    He looks very good for a natty 17 yo.
  15. Hench

    How many white supremacists here?

    Does shagging sheep count as gay? :geewhiz: