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    A few glasses of red wine a week would do absolutely nothing to hinder gains?

    lol. You do know why you add all of that sugar and what happens to it right...?
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    Comment by 'Merkaba' in media '174'

    <p>Would feed 10/10</p>
  4. Merkaba

    Video clip of me Deadlifting 170kg-375lb at the NIPF Championships 31st March 2012

    You've probably got another 50 lbs easily when you get those glutes lower/more involved.
  5. Merkaba

    Help me I have a eating disorder

    :thinking: Not sure if serious or trolling... If you're serious, you might need to speak with a counselor. Obvious you're taking this shit WAAAAAAAAAY to fucking serious. For what? You're planning on being the best on the planet in some division of bodybuilding or figure? If not then...
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    Daily nutrition

    What about it?
  7. Merkaba

    Baby got back

    Whats the goal of all of this? Better yet, how are you eating?
  8. 2013


    Trying to cut a little
  9. Merkaba

    What keep you guys going ?

    It's my cigarette. My nerve calmer. I HAVE to workout...or I'm gonna go to jail at the expense of moronic dumbasses walking the earth...
  10. Merkaba

    Insanity workout and starting a super dmz 2.0 cycle

    ...and clever marketing of bullshit-assed circuit training under a new flashy name with some lame ass models claims another victim... Shit just do some good weight lifting and control the diet properly ... ...can't stand this shit...
  11. Merkaba

    AC Joint Issues: MRI & Subsequent Treatment

    What kind of things were you doing in therapy, and did you do any ultrasound therapy?
  12. Merkaba

    So best bodys ive seen dont do squats,deads,flat bench

    But seriously... I think there are alot more people on a little this and a little that, than most people realize. With that being said...sure hard work and good diet still need to be in there... The thing is, as I state alot to my clients. The muscle is going to respond, it doesn't matter how...
  13. Merkaba

    Carb Cycling for a bulk ..... Need Clarification please

    This thread was bumped by a spam post. But yes, track your macs even on a bulk. Made that mistake pf not doing so years ago and added some fat cells.